New PP Head Boosts Kamala Harris

Jul 19, 2019

Planned Parenthood’s new interim president is a big fan of Kamala Harris—the Democrat California senator running for president. Alexis McGill Johnson took over this week for Leana Wen, whom PP fired Tuesday.

Johnson’s tweets showcase her admiration for Harris, including this: 

“Kamala Harris has a lot of gravitas. She is the only person on that stage who silences everyone by speaking in a normal tone.”

But there’s something you should know about the link between Harris and Planned Parenthood. It bears directly on the vicious legal attack against our client, Sandra Merritt.

And right now, Planned Parenthood’s legal assault is escalating with a trial in the civil case likely in September. And a major two-week hearing starts September 3 in the criminal prosecution against Sandra.

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Learn more about the link between Sen. Harris and PP below. — Mat

Sandra Merritt is a loving grandmother and pro-life advocate who took action to expose Planned Parenthood's despicable trafficking in aborted babies' body parts. In a sickening twist, SANDRA now faces 15 criminal charges from the state of California that carry the very real prospect of a lengthy jail term.

To make matters worse, Planned Parenthood is leveraging its massive legal war chest in a very aggressive civil suit against Sandra.

California's Attorney General should be investigating Planned Parenthood based on the evidence uncovered that they illegally trafficked the body parts of aborted babies!

But it's Sandra who's facing jail time.

It's Sandra who's facing bullying and intimidation from Planned Parenthood's legal army.

It's Sandra coming under attack from an extremely aggressive Attorney General.

Both Senator Kamala Harris, formerly California’s Attorney General, and current Attorney General Xavier Becerra have been recipients of substantial campaign donations from Planned Parenthood's political arm. Last fall we submitted, on Sandra’s behalf, overwhelming evidence of an extensive scheme of coordination between Planned Parenthood and the two California AGs.

But instead of holding Planned Parenthood accountable for their egregious acts, then-Attorney General Kamala Harris launched an investigation into the Center for Medical Progress and its founder, David Daleiden. Harris ordered a raid on Daleiden's apartment which included the seizure of his computer containing all the footage from his and Sandra's undercover work against Planned Parenthood.

Harris then colluded with Planned Parenthood's attorneys to "draft a bill which would punish anyone caught secretly recording 'confidential communication with a health care provider' – such as an abortionist – and sharing the recording in any way, including on 'web sites and social media,'” as reported by LifeSiteNews.

Representative Xavier Becerra was later chosen by Governor Jerry Brown to succeed Harris. Data from the Center for Responsive Politics shows that Becerra received thousands of dollars in congressional campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood. He has a documented bias in favor of abortion and has publicly pledged to "stand with Planned Parenthood."

And in March 2017, AG Becerra issued a 15-count felony indictment claiming that the two pro-life journalists, Sandra Merritt and David Daleiden, violated state law by recording Planned Parenthood officials regarding the sale of baby body parts.

+  +  The battle enters a crucial stage...

For the past two-and-a-half years, Liberty Counsel has been defending Sandra in both the criminal and civil cases. Just this week, we went head-to-head against Planned Parenthood in federal court.

Because we await the judge's decision on our motion urging him to dismiss the case, I'm reserving comment at this point. But let me simply say this: It appears that some of Planned Parenthood's claims will be dismissed . . . but some will likely go to trial — which is scheduled to start on September 30.

Simultaneously, Planned Parenthood's civil case against Sandra is ramping up. We’re now preparing for a grueling two-week “preliminary hearing” beginning on September 3.

With major litigation taking place in both cases in September, the preparations are intense and our financial need, right now, is great.

Because we DO NOT CHARGE SANDRA for representation, we urgently need YOUR HELP! Your tax-deductible gift is vital to our efforts to defend Sandra.

Sandra is literally fighting for her life against outrageous charges. She not only faces a $16 million Planned Parenthood civil lawsuit, but the state of California is prosecuting her on 15 felony indictments for exposing Planned Parenthood. If convicted, Sandra will face a crushing fine and years in prison.

And right now, she needs to know you're standing with her.

Please hold her up in prayer — and our legal team as well. And please make your most generous possible gift right now. Take advantage of the $100,000 Liberty Challenge for on-line supporters to make your gift effectively double in its impact right now.

Thank you for your prayers and your generous support at this crucial time! 

Yours for true liberty,

Mathew D. Staver
Founder and Chairman

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