In Court to Fight Boston Bigotry

Aug 28, 2019

Boston prides itself as the “Cradle of Liberty.” But it’s now a bastion of bigotry. The city has permitted 284 flags to be displayed on its city flagpole. Just one flag has been rejected—the Christian flag! And not once, but twice.

That’s why Liberty Counsel is in federal court today in Boston. We’re asking a U.S. district judge to reverse the city of Boston’s outrageous bigotry targeting Christians.

But we’re only able to battle anti-Christian discrimination and defend freedom for all of us with your generous help. Will you make a gift now to safeguard American liberty in its very birthplace nearly 250 years ago?

This is a crucial fight—one of many we’re engaged in now—and we urgently need patriots like you to answer the call!

Thank you for your friendship! See my Boston update below! –Mat

Liberty Counsel is in federal court today in Boston to fight the city’s blatant anti-Christian bigotry. We’re asking a U.S. district court judge to rule that a Boston resident who leads a Christian civic organization can fly the Christian flag on a city flagpole.

In many ways, that’s a strange request. But it’s absolutely necessary because the city of Boston is openly discriminating against Christians and a Christian viewpoint.

And they seem to be proud of it!

So, how could this happen in the “Cradle of Liberty”?


Since 2005, the city of Boston has permitted outside civic and cultural groups to fly their flags on a city flagpole. In all, some 284 different flags have been flown more than 300 times on city grounds, including the flags of communist China and Cuba, the Boston Pride flag (LGBT) and a “transgender” sexual orientation flag.

Hundreds of flags have flown at the city hall. Just ONE FLAG has been banned: the Christians flag.

+  +  How the "Battle of Boston" began

This all started when our client, Hal Shurtleff, requested that his Christian civic organization, Camp Constitution, be allowed to fly the Christian flag on Constitution Day. Boston officials said, "no." And then, officials said "no" to a second request.

That’s when Liberty Counsel’s legal team got involved.

In a deposition, a city official admitted he denied the flag because the application referred to it as a “Christian” flag, even though the word “Christian” does not appear on the flag!

And that’s why Liberty Counsel is in court today.

The city's discrimination against Camp Constitution's Christian viewpoint amounts to unconstitutional censorship. Censoring religious viewpoints in a public forum where secular viewpoints are permitted violates the First Amendment.

That’s why I’m committing all the necessary legal resources of Liberty Counsel to this fight. I will not allow a Christian citizen to be bullied and censored by government officials!

+  +  This is a costly and arduous battle...

Liberty Counsel attorneys have filed extensive legal documents and have requested that the court make a final ruling. But this is the same court that ruled against us before being reversed by the Court of Appeals.

Our legal team must brace for the very likely outcome that we will have to appeal once again if the lower court rules against us. I am committed to fighting this case for our client and for every Christian who faces bigotry and viewpoint discrimination from government officials. We will not stop until we prevail!

But to do so, I urgently need your help.

American freedom is under assault in the very place where the tree of liberty was first planted. Christians are being kicked to the curb—assigned second-rate status and we must respond!

Your gift of 15, 25, 50 dollars or more will make a real and immediate difference in this and other battles. Please be as generous as you can now!

By giving now, you'll help us PUSH BACK against a rising tide of anti-Christian bigotry. And thanks in advance for your prayers and your faithful partnership.

For faith and liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel