Planned Parenthood: "This Could Destroy . . . Us"

Aug 30, 2019

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Sandra Merritt shot to the top of Planned Parenthood's enemies list in 2015. That's when she and colleague David Daleiden went undercover to capture appalling evidence of Planned Parenthood's heinous trade in human body parts harvested from aborted children.

Now Planned Parenthood wants revenge. And California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is the abortion giant's hired gun.

This coming Tuesday, Liberty Counsel will be in San Francisco to defend Sandra in a two-week “preliminary hearing”—a pre-trial to determine if there is adequate evidence to go to trial. It lasts two weeks and will be incredibly expensive.

Becerra, who has taken in thousands in campaign donations from Planned Parenthood, filed a 15-count felony indictment against Sandra in 2017. These outrageous charges threaten Sandra with years in prison and huge fines—all for doing what is a commonly accepted journalistic practice.

But Sandra and David used “tried-and-true investigative techniques” to expose Planned Parenthood, a First Amendment attorney told Courthouse News.

In fact, other well-publicized undercover investigations exposing the meat industry, unethical treatment of animals or consumer fraud, have all taken place in California.

And yet Merritt and Daleiden are the first undercover journalists to be criminally prosecuted in the history of the state.

And the reason is obvious. Their hidden video journalism scored a direct hit on the nation’s largest abortion chain. In fact, the U.S. Department of Justice is now investigating Planned Parenthood’s barbaric trade in human organs.

+  +  "This Could Destroy . . . Us"

Planned Parenthood knows it faces a serious risk. In one undercover video, a senior Planned Parenthood figure talks with an undercover investigator posing as a fetal parts buyer.

The Planned Parenthood executive says it’s best to keep the abortion firm’s organ harvesting “under the radar” until it could be shown in a more favorable light or, as she put it, “you are able to come up with some type of cure, or something.” And until, she adds, “we can get rid of some of this abortion stigma.”

A few minutes later the executive revealed the risk if Planned Parenthood were exposed:

"This is important. This could destroy your organization and us, if we don't time those conversations correctly."

Planned Parenthood understands the stakes—which is why it’s going all-out now to punish Sandra in criminal and civil court. It’s an attempt to bankrupt this pro-life hero and put her behind bars for years.

And right now, she’s just four days from a grueling two-week preliminary hearing as she fights the state of California’s criminal prosecution.

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Liberty Counsel