Planned Parenthood Caught in a Lie

Sep 5, 2019

The state of California's war on pro-life journalist Sandra Merritt continued in San Francisco yesterday--day two of a grueling two-week criminal preliminary hearing.

A pro-life hero whom Liberty Counsel represents, Sandra is fighting flimsy and politically-driven criminal charges brought against her by California's attorney general--a partisan Democrat in league with abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

If convicted, Sandra, now in her 60s, could spend more than a decade behind bars--possibly the rest of her life.

Will you give to help Sandra defeat this legal attack? This is one of the most important pro-life cases in America today. The battle is raging and your gift now will make a real difference! Please be as generous as you can!

Please see my day two update below! --Mat.

Liberty Counsel attorney Horatio Mihet caught a Planned Parenthood abortionist in a lie yesterday in a San Francisco courtroom.

Mihet grilled "Doe 9," about a restaurant meeting she had with Sandra Merritt and her colleague David Daleiden. The two, posing as representatives of a human tissue procurement firm, used hidden cameras to record their meeting with “Doe 9” over lunch.

As Courthouse News reported:

On cross examination, Merritt’s attorney Horatio Mihet asked [Planned Parenthood abortionist] Doe 9 whether she cared that the [undercover] tape had been made public. When Doe 9 answered yes, he impeached her with a transcript of her deposition from Planned Parenthood’s civil case against the Center for Medical Progress, where Doe 9 said, “I haven’t done anything wrong in the videos. It doesn’t matter to me if they’re released publicly."

This is amazing. One of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra's 15 baseless felony counts against Sandra is for recording the public restaurant conversation Sandra had with Doe 9—the abortionist who doesn't care if her conversation is released publicly.

Becerra--who has taken in thousands in campaign donations from Planned Parenthood--alleges that Sandra violated California's illegal taping law by filming people without their permission.

But California's Invasion of Privacy Act includes an exception for recording in public places—like a hotel or restaurant. It also does not apply when the person recording believes the other party is engaged in criminal activity—the sale of baby body parts, for example.

The truth is that Sandra did nothing illegal. And the evidence is coming out in this two-week preliminary hearing--a pre-trial to see if the evidence is adequate to go to trial.

+  +  The real reason Sandra is under indictment

Sandra's real "crime" in all this was exposing Planned Parenthood's gruesome commerce in the body parts of the babies it kills. A series of shocking covert videos that Sandra filmed--along with her colleague David Daleiden--show senior Planned Parenthood officials:

  • Negotiating for the best price on infant body parts and joking about wanting a Lamborghini.
  • Talking with cool nonchalance about harvesting brains, livers, kidneys, and legs from tiny unborn children.
  • Offering to alter abortion technique – a possible violation of federal law – to ensure tissue is undamaged and suitable for research.
  • Bragging about the revenue earned by the sale of organs and tissue taken from aborted infants.

Sandra’s undercover videos revealed Planned Parenthood’s bloody mission to kill helpless children and then sell their body parts.

The revelations shocked Americans, sparked congressional inquiries and criminal probes--and fueled efforts to cut the half-billion in tax dollars Planned Parenthood drains from the public treasury every year.

Despite that, California is sparing no expense to put Sandra behind bars--possibly for the rest of her life. And Planned Parenthood is attempting to bankrupt her in a federal civil suit seeking millions. That case goes to trial October 2--a grueling four to six-week legal test that will be extraordinarily expensive.

+  +  Your help needed now

This is a David and Goliath fight. We're up against the almost unlimited resources of the state of California and Planned Parenthood together.

But we have the facts and the law on our side--and we have wonderful friends like you.

Will you help us defend Sandra against this devastating assault? This brave woman revealed the horrible truth that Planned Parenthood callously puts price tags on the body parts of innocent unborn children. And now she is fighting for her freedom.

Both the civil and criminal cases are extremely expensive. Which is why I ask for your generous support now. Please prayerfully consider making your best possible tax-deductible gift to Liberty Counsel today.

The battle will only escalate in the weeks ahead. And your support now will make a huge difference!

God bless you for partnering with Liberty Counsel to defend Sandra against Planned Parenthood's outrageous assault!

For life and liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel