"This Whole Thing Is a Farce"

Sep 6, 2019

After almost four days in court, one thing is clear about the state of California's politically driven prosecution of Sandra Merritt.

"This whole thing is a farce," said Liberty Counsel Chief Litigation Counsel Harry Mihet.

But it’s also incredibly expensive. Sandra has done no wrong. She’s the hero—the whistleblower who brought Planned Parenthood’s heinous conduct to light.

The abortion giant is out for revenge. Its puppet, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, is prosecuting her on a frivolous 15-count indictment. If convicted, this grandmother faces more than a decade behind bars.

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Sandra Merritt went undercover in 2014-15 to expose abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

Her startling hidden camera videos—obtained with colleague David Daleiden—revealed the abortion chain’s heinous commerce in human tissue harvested from the preborn babies it kills in its abortion chambers nationwide.

The videos shocked the nation and sparked congressional inquiries and state probes. The Senate called on the FBI to investigate Planned Parenthood on suspicion it violated federal law that bans buying or selling fetal tissue.

But in California the whistle-blower is on trial.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra--a pro-abortion Democrat who has publicly pledged to "stand with Planned Parenthood"--is prosecuting Sandra on 15 felony counts of privacy invasion.

Her alleged crime is recording conversations with Planned Parenthood and other abortion industry figures--discussions that reveal the dark, sordid and profit-driven world of fetal-tissue trafficking.

If convicted, Sandra--a courageous pro-life grandmother--faces more than a decade behind bars.

Which is why I invite you to stand with Sandra today.

Planned Parenthood has California Attorney General Becerra in its pocket doing its bidding. But Sandra has wonderful friends like you!

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+  +  See how absurd this is . . .

One courtroom exchange in the preliminary hearing this week concentrated the absurdity of this politically-driven prosecution.

"Doe 9," formerly a Planned Parenthood abortionist, testified that she was "shocked" to learn Sandra and David--in their roles as undercover journalists--had recorded their lunchtime conversation with the abortionist.

That two-hour lunch revealed the abortionist discussing how she and other Planned Parenthood abortionists use ultrasound guidance to ensure that, while killing the child, they don't damage the organs--"heart, lung, liver"--which researchers want.

"So I’m not gonna crush that part [thorax]," “Doe 9” says on video. "I’m going to basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact."

Liberty Counsel Chief Litigation Counsel Mihet asked “Doe 9” whether it concerned her that the covert video of her lunch with Sandra and David was made public.

"Of course I care," she said.

But then Mihet presented her with a transcript of her deposition from Planned Parenthood’s civil case where she said, “I haven’t done anything wrong in the videos. It doesn’t matter to me if they’re released publicly.”

One of California Attorney General Xavier Becerra's 15 baseless felony counts against Sandra is for recording the public restaurant conversation Sandra had with “Doe 9”—the abortionist who doesn't care if her conversation is released publicly.

“When the supposed victim herself says, nah, I don’t care if these videos are published to the public, well, that shows without any doubt there wasn’t anything in these videos that should have been kept from the public,” Mihet told LifeSiteNews.

Not only that, but “Doe 9” only learned about the undercover recordings from prosecution lawyers!

+  +  Victims who don't know they're victims

“This is the DA, the attorney general, coming forward to bring a prosecution on behalf of victims who don’t know they’re victims and who don’t care if these videos are ever published,” Mihet added.

“This whole thing is a farce. . . . And this is only the preliminary hearing.”

The truth is that Sandra has done nothing illegal. She's the whistleblower.

Because of her undercover journalism, Planned Parenthood has been referred to the Department of Justice on suspicion of violating federal law banning the sale or purchase of fetal tissue.

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But now Sandra is fighting for her freedom. And she's up against the almost unlimited resources of the state of California. Attorney General Becerra has a $1 billion budget and some 4,700 staff at his disposal.

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This is an extremely expensive season of litigation.

Just as soon as we're done with the two-week preliminary hearing defending Sandra in the criminal case, we'll begin preparations for the Oct. 3 trial in Planned Parenthood’s civil lawsuit seeking millions in damages and fees from Sandra. That trial is expected to go four - six weeks and will be even more expensive.

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Mat Staver