Another Day In Court, Another Liar

Sep 12, 2019

See my update below and please stand with Sandra Merritt today. This brave pro-life hero is in the fight of her life. She needs friends like you by her side. Please consider a gift today! Thank you! –Mat

The political prosecution of Sandra Merritt went into its sixth day yesterday.

“We had another day in court and another liar,” said Horatio Mihet, Liberty Counsel Chief Litigation Counsel. And here’s why . . .

“Doe 12”—the CEO of StemExpress, a human tissue procurement firm—testified again Wednesday.

She admitted last week that StemExpress sells researchers the intact heads of babies—some “torn off” the child’s body—as well as fetal hearts.

But yesterday, Doe 12 turned evasive and uncooperative when asked if StemExpress sold researchers still-beating fetal hearts cut from aborted babies.

Yes, that’s incredibly ghoulish. But here’s why that question must be asked.

A published study indicates Stanford researchers obtained fetal hearts from StemExpress. And that the researchers used Langendorff profusion—a technique which keeps a heart beating outside the body.

But to work, this technique reportedly requires a beating heart from the very outset. In other words, the heart must be beating when it comes to researchers who use Langendorff profusion.

In coming days, we intend to present expert testimony showing why it’s reasonable to believe StemExpress sold beating hearts taken from still-living infants to Stanford.

I can’t begin to describe how dark and demonic all this is.

Which is why I’m so grateful for the prayers and generous support of friends of life and liberty like you. Frankly, costs in this case are enormous. And your help to defend Sandra is urgently needed now. Please consider a gift now and be as generous as you can!

+  +  Sandra is fighting for her freedom

Sandra is a godly grandmother fighting for her freedom against a state attorney general doing Planned Parenthood’s bidding. Our attorneys see that on a daily basis inside the San Francisco courtroom where Sandra’s criminal hearing is now in its second week.

Planned Parenthood’s private attorneys are in the courtroom and sit near the prosecutors. Those lawyers for Planned Parenthood, Liberty Counsel’s Chief Litigation Counsel Horatio Mihet said, are often “whispering in the prosecutor’s ear.”

“Sandra is on trial for ‘conspiracy,’” Horatio added, “but the only conspiracy here is between Planned Parenthood and the Attorney General. Pray that this grotesque political cabal is exposed and defeated!”

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is targeting Sandra with a 15-count criminal felony indictment. If convicted, Sandra—now in her 60s—faces more than 10 years behind bars.

It’s possible she could spend the rest of her life in prison. And all because she exercised her First Amendment freedom to expose Planned Parenthood.

Sandra and her colleague David Daleiden’s explosive undercover videos revealed Planned Parenthood’s gruesome trade in baby body parts to the world.

But instead of winning a Pulitzer for her courageous undercover investigation, Sandra is in the fight of her life against the combined might and almost unlimited resources of the state of California and abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

+  +  Your generosity makes the difference

It’s only because of friends like you that Liberty Counsel is able to defend Sandra in criminal court—as well as against Planned Parenthood’s civil lawsuit demanding millions. That case goes to trial in less than three weeks.

Will you help defend Sandra with a gift today? Your generosity is urgently needed because costs are soaring. Hotel accommodations for the two-week criminal hearing will top $10,000. Court transcripts will cost another $10,000.

And we still have the civil trial ahead. It could go six weeks!

Please be as generous as you can today!

This is one of the most important pro-life cases in America today. Sandra’s hidden camera videos showed Planned Parenthood’s hideous and shameful deeds to the world. Now the abortion chain is out for revenge—and it has the state attorney general at its side.

But we can only mount this fight with help from friends like you!  Thank you for your generous friendship, your love for life, and your prayers!

For life and liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel