"One of the Most Bizarre Moments I've Ever Seen"

Sep 13, 2019

We knew California's prosecution of pro-life hero Sandra Merritt is baseless and politically motivated. Yesterday, we saw how bungling and utterly incompetent it is, too. See below and stand with Sandra today as she fights this unjust political prosecution. If convicted, Sandra faces more than 10 years behind bars. She needs your help now! Thank you! -Mat

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra—Planned Parenthood's bought-and-paid-for political puppet—slapped Sandra with a 15-count felony indictment in 2017.

The AG charged Sandra with invasion of privacy and conspiracy after she and colleague David Daleiden exposed abortion giant Planned Parenthood's gruesome trade in human organs taken from aborted babies.

Their sensational undercover videos show Planned Parenthood officials and others openly discussing the sale of baby body parts—brain, kidney, thymus, liver, spleen, femur, bone marrow, even hearts. All harvested from tiny babies killed by abortion and then sold to researchers via tissue procurement "middle-men."

+ + Whistle-blower forced to fight for her freedom

The ghoulish commerce in human organs shocked the nation. Time magazine called the hidden camera investigation "one of the most elaborate exploits in recent political history."

It provoked congressional investigations and a Senate referral calling on the FBI and Justice Department to investigate Planned Parenthood for possible criminal violations in the sale of human fetal tissue.

But now Sandra—the whistle-blower—is fighting for her freedom. A grandmother in her 60s, she faces more than a decade behind bars if convicted.

Which is why I ask you to stand with her today. The battle is raging as we defend Sandra on two fronts—Becerra's baseless criminal prosecution and Planned Parenthood's civil lawsuit demanding millions from Sandra.

The expense to defend Sandra is enormous. But we must! She has done nothing wrong. In fact, she has performed a huge public service by exposing Planned Parenthood's heinous trafficking in tissue harvested from the bodies of precious infants.

Will you consider a gift today to help us defend this pro-life hero? Sandra is facing a vicious legal assault by California's AG and Planned Parenthood. And she needs your help. Please be as generous as you can!

+ + "One of the most bizarre moments I've ever seen"

This is an outrageous, selective and discriminatory prosecution. No journalist has ever been arrested and prosecuted in California for an undercover investigation.

But this is not just a frivolous, political prosecution. It's also grossly incompetent. And we saw that Thursday.

During our cross-examination of a state witness, the prosecutor made an objection that made the judge roll his eyes. Here's a direct report from Liberty Counsel Chief Litigation Counsel Horatio Mihet:

The Prosecutor (who had been quiet the entire time) says, "Objection, Section 632 does not define a 'confidential communication.'"

This immediately drew gasps and laughter from the courtroom. Even non-lawyers knew otherwise. Section 632(c) provides a very clear definition. In fact, that's what this whole case and trial is supposed to be about.

And even her own witness, Agent Brian Cardwell, started out his testimony by admitting he knew the definition. That the prosecutor hired by the AG—the top law enforcement officer in the state—doesn't know this is mind boggling.

It was one of the most bizarre moments I've ever seen in a courtroom.

I jumped up to demand an immediate dismissal of the case, since the prosecutor doesn't even know what she is prosecuting, but Judge Hite didn't let me speak. He rolled his eyes, denied her objection, and let me continue.

Despite the prosecutor's incredible gaffe Thursday, there is a very real likelihood this case will go to trial. We're in hostile territory (San Francisco) and the prosecutor only has to meet a very low evidentiary bar to go to trial.

We're now in one of the most intense seasons of litigation ever. Sandra's pre-trial criminal hearing will stretch into its third week Monday. And we'll go to trial in the civil case on Oct. 2, again in San Francisco.

Not satisfied with trying to put Sandra behind bars, Planned Parenthood is also attempting to bankrupt this brave pro-life champion by suing her for millions.

+ + Stand with Sandra now

Sandra is in the fight of her life against the combined might and almost unlimited resources of the state of California and abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

And it's only because of friends like you that Liberty Counsel is able to defend Sandra in criminal court—as well as against Planned Parenthood's civil lawsuit demanding millions.

Will you help defend Sandra with a gift today? Your generosity is urgently needed because costs are soaring. Hotel accommodations for the criminal hearing alone will top $10,000. Court transcripts will cost another $10,000.

And we still have the civil trial ahead. It could go six weeks!

Please make a generous gift to defend Sandra—and stand for life, freedom and the family in courtrooms across America!

Sandra's hidden camera videos showed Planned Parenthood's hideous and shameful deeds to the world. Now the abortion chain is out for revenge—and it has the state attorney general at its side.

But Sandra has friends like you! Please stand with her today.

Thank you for your generous friendship, your love for life, and your prayers!

For life and liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel