Sandra's Hearing Capped by Explosive Testimony

Sep 19, 2019

The prosecutor threatened to indict her, but she testified anyway--and her expert testimony yesterday was devastating. Dr. Theresa Deisher told the court of her horror when she realized that living babies were dissected for their beating hearts we now know came from Planned Parenthood.

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Abortion giant Planned Parenthood's evil deeds are coming to light as we defend pro-life hero Sandra Merritt in court. The abortion chain conspired with California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to utterly crush this godly grandmother. But thanks to the generosity of friends like you, Liberty Counsel is fighting back.

Sandra's three-week preliminary criminal hearing ended yesterday. But the battle is far from over. Despite the state's total lack of evidence, the criminal charges against Sandra could still go to trial.

And on another front, Planned Parenthood's civil lawsuit demanding millions from Sandra starts in 12 days — Oct. 2. It could go six weeks and costs will go sky-high.

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Sandra Merritt's three-week preliminary hearing wound up yesterday with explosive testimony from a medical researcher with a Stanford Ph.D. — and in a surprise twist, a long-time abortionist.

Both testified in court as to why they believe beating hearts were harvested from living babies aborted by Planned Parenthood.

The abortionist, Dr. Forrest Smith, a man who admits to committing some 50,000 abortions, provided expert testimony from inside the abortion industry.

“There’s no question in my mind that at least some of these fetuses were live births,” Smith told the court.

+  +  Prosecutor's attempt to intimidate falls flat

And despite the prosecutor's attempt to intimidate her from testifying, Dr. Theresa Deisher, a research scientist with a doctorate in molecular and cellular physiology from Stanford University, took the stand to give dramatic expert witness.

To help you grasp what took place, I want to share a riveting report filed just a few hours ago by our lead attorney in this case, Liberty Counsel Chief Litigation Counsel Harry Mihet . . .

On the last day of our hearing, Dr. Theresa Deisher, Stanford PhD, testified about the lengths to which she must go as a cardiovascular researcher to make sure that the mice she studies do not suffer needless pain. If she were to cut the beating hearts out of those mice without anesthesia, she told the court, she would go to jail and face ethical charges.

She testified how horrified she was upon reading various studies involving baby human hearts procured from Planned Parenthood — and realizing that there was no way for those studies to have been done UNLESS THE HEARTS WERE STILL BEATING WHEN CUT OUT FROM THE ABORTED BABIES. Without anesthesia, of course.

In bombshell testimony, Dr. Deisher testified that she consulted with David Daleiden BEFORE he and Sandra filmed the undercover videos, and told them that Planned Parenthood MUST be supplying BEATING baby hearts to researchers!

The deputy attorney general had NOTHING to say in response. The AG's office understood how devastating this testimony was to their defunct "case," so before Dr. Deisher even testified, they did the only thing they could: threaten to indict her as a "co-conspirator" because of the scientific advice she had provided David!

Fortunately, Dr. Deisher was shaken but not deterred. She called the AG’s bluff and delivered a fatal blow. Pray that her testimony will make a difference. And pray that God will hasten the day when babies with beating hearts will have at least as much legal protection as cute little mice.

+  +  Sandra faces more than a decade behind bars

Our client Sandra is fighting for her freedom. She faces a baseless and politically motivated 14-count criminal felony indictment charging her with violating California law by recording Planned Parenthood officials without their knowledge.

Posing as fetal parts buyers, Sandra and her colleague David Daleiden, went undercover to expose Planned Parenthood's dirty business selling human organs cut or torn from precious, innocent babies.

And now we know that some of these babies were still alive when greedy hands cut them open to extract their beating hearts.

But it's not Planned Parenthood that's on trial. It's Sandra. She faces more than a decade behind bars and hefty fines if convicted. And yet she did no wrong—she broke no laws.

+  +  Help defend this innocent pro-life hero

Not satisfied with locking her up, Planned Parenthood wants to bankrupt Sandra, too. It's suing her for millions in a civil case that goes to trial in just 13 days in San Francisco.

The trial may last six weeks and will be very expensive. We're already preparing with a jury consultant and a mock jury pool.

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This is one of the most crucial pro-life cases in our nation today. Planned Parenthood is determined to crush Sandra. But the devastating evidence we are presenting is, instead, putting America's largest abortion chain on trial for its wicked deeds.

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