Planned Parenthood's Revenge Suit Underway

Oct 3, 2019

Planned Parenthood's revenge suit against Sandra Merritt opened yesterday with juror interviews. It took all day, but a jury of 12 people is now in place to sit in judgment of Sandra.

Sandra is the brave pro-life grandmother who went undercover to expose Planned Parenthood's dirty secret.

Her hidden camera videos--captured along with colleague David Daleiden--revealed the abortion firm's barbaric and ghoulish trade in organs cut or torn from little boys and girls by its abortionists.

+  +  Beating hearts from living babies

Experts testified in Sandra's recent criminal hearing that some of these babies were still alive when organ procurement butchers cut open their chests and grabbed their beating hearts.

Sandra's videos outraged Americans and sparked criminal investigations, including an ongoing U.S. Department of Justice probe.

But the abortion king declared war with a vicious federal civil suit demanding millions from Sandra. With a team of high-powered lawyers, Planned Parenthood wants to punish Sandra, rob her of her First Amendment rights and ruin her financially for life.

The retaliatory lawsuit accuses Sandra of violating the federal RICO Act, as well as “wire fraud, mail fraud, invasion of privacy, illegal secret recording, and trespassing.”

But thanks to friends like you, Liberty Counsel is in court beside Sandra. Because of you, we're vigorously defending this courageous pro-life champion.

We have the facts and the law on our side. Planned Parenthood’s accusations against Sandra are baseless and frivolous. But we're in hostile territory--San Francisco. That's why I ask for your prayers and your generous support.

+  +  Planned Parenthood attorneys grill Sandra tomorrow

Today in court, both sides made opening statements and Planned Parenthood began calling the first of dozens of witnesses to the stand. Tomorrow, Planned Parenthood attorneys will get their chance to grill Sandra when she is expected to testify.

"Sandra is in good spirits and doing remarkably well, considering that she is being dragged from one courtroom to another and back again," said Harry Mihet, Liberty Counsel's Chief Litigation Counsel and lead attorney for Sandra in this case.

+  +  Most costly case in Liberty Counsel's history

We're in day two of a huge and complex trial. With more than 60 witnesses, it may go on for eight weeks. Because of that, costs will soar.

This is easily the most expensive case in Liberty Counsel's history. Because the case is tried in San Francisco, we face huge expenses for travel, accommodations, food, court transcripts and more.

The cost for trial exhibits alone will go into the tens of thousands. The total price tag on this trial will certainly reach the high six figures.

But whatever the cost, we must fight!

Sandra is an innocent woman. And someone who risked her freedom and future to stand on the side of innocent, unborn children--the tiny victims Planned Parenthood dismembers and kills every day.

That's why I ask you to stand with her now.

Please make your most generous gift to help us fight Planned Parenthood in federal court--and take on the enemies of life, liberty and family in courts nationwide.

Thank you for your love for life and for standing with Sandra today. With your help, we're battling the nation's largest abortion machine--a $1.7 billion giant determined to crush Sandra.

Don't let that happen! Stand with her today! Thank you so much!

For life and liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel