Abortion King Plays Victim

Oct 4, 2019

Planned Parenthood’s revenge suit got underway yesterday in San Francisco. The abortion giant charged that Sandra Merritt—a grandmother in her 60’s—turned the $1.7 billion abortion business into a victim.

Incredible. Read below for the truth about why Sandra exposed Planned Parenthood’s gruesome baby body parts business to the world.

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This is a crucial pro-life fight. Planned Parenthood is desperate to salvage its badly damaged reputation. That’s why it has dozens of attorneys working in a furious attempt to mercilessly punish Sandra and financially ruin her.

This is also the most expensive case in Liberty Counsel’s history. With more than 60 witnesses, the trial may run as long as eight weeks. The total cost will run into the high six figures.

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And read below for the truth about what motivated Sandra to go undercover and expose Planned Parenthood. –Mat

Planned Parenthood claimed victim status yesterday as its baseless suit seeking to bankrupt and crush Sandra Merritt’s First Amendment freedoms got underway.

An attorney for Planned Parenthood told jurors yesterday that Sandra and her associates attempted to “use any means to destroy” the $1.7 billion abortion machine.

But Liberty Counsel Chief Litigation Counsel Harry Mihet rejected that charge. Sandra went undercover, he said, to show the world how Planned Parenthood trafficks in body parts harvested from little babies—including some who are born alive.

“As difficult as it was for Ms. Merritt to hear that evidence [of how infants’ bodies were mutilated for their organs], she will tell you that she just couldn’t ignore it. She believed that the public had a right to know what Planned Parenthood and others in the abortion industry were doing.”

+  +  Clearly out for revenge

And now Planned Parenthood wants to make Sandra pay. The abortion giant is suing Sandra for millions—seeking revenge after she exposed its “side business” selling body parts cut or torn from the infants it kills.

This trial, now in its third day, is slated to hear more than 60 witnesses and may last eight weeks. Because it’s in pricey San Francisco, we face huge expenses for travel, accommodations, food and more.

Costs for other items such as court transcripts and court exhibits will be many tens of thousands of dollars. All told, trial costs will soar into the high six figures.

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+  +  Shocking findings

Sandra and her colleague David Daleiden led a two-and-a-half-year “sting” operation in which they posed as buyers for BioMax, a fictitious human tissue procurement firm.

That cover story allowed David and Sandra to burrow deep inside Planned Parenthood, gaining access to senior officials, meeting them at luncheons, inside abortion facilities and at abortion industry gatherings.

Their shocking hidden camera footage showed Planned Parenthood officials . . .

  • Negotiating for the best price on infant body parts and joking about wanting a Lamborghini.
  • Talking with cool nonchalance about harvesting brains, livers, kidneys and legs from tiny preborn children.
  • Offering to alter abortion technique – a possible violation of federal law – to ensure tissue is undamaged and suitable for research.
  • Bragging about the revenue earned by the sale of organs and tissue taken from aborted infants.

The videos gave Planned Parenthood a very public black eye and bloody nose. It provoked criminal as well as House and Senate investigations. And a Department of Justice probe into Planned Parenthood is reportedly now underway.

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That’s why Planned Parenthood is furious. And why it’s determined to make Sandra pay, to rob her First Amendment rights, ruin her financially and make her an example of what will happen to anyone else who dares expose their barbarism.

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This is the most expensive case in Liberty Counsel’s history. The trial will go on for many weeks. That means huge bills for hotel accommodations, airfare, food, court transcripts and more.

The cost for court exhibits alone will soar into the tens of thousands. All told, this trial’s expense will go well into the high six figures.

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Sandra took a huge risk in exposing Planned Parenthood. But she did it to tell the gruesome truth about the abortion chain—and what it does to precious, tiny infants.

Sandra took a stand for innocent, preborn babies -- please stand with her now!

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Mat Staver
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