Sandra Merritt Takes the Stand

Oct 7, 2019

Planned Parenthood attorneys grilled pro-life hero Sandra Merritt last Friday in federal court. The abortion giant is suing Sandra for millions—seeking revenge after she exposed its heinous trade in organs cut or torn from the little boys and girls it kills.

Below I share a first-hand report from Friday.

It is because of friends like you that Liberty Counsel is in court beside Sandra. Thanks to you, we're vigorously defending this courageous pro-life champion.

But to fight this battle and others in defense of life, freedom and family, I ask for your help. The cost for this trial alone—which could go eight weeks—will reach into the high six figures.

Please be as generous as you can . . . and let me share what happened Friday. –Mat

Planned Parenthood called Sandra Merritt to the stand Friday at its federal civil suit in San Francisco. The results were NOT what Planned Parenthood expected or wanted.

Here’s a direct report from Harry Mihet, Liberty Counsel Chief Litigation Counsel, who is representing Sandra at trial . . .

Sandra did a GREAT job and shredded Planned Parenthood’s case. She detailed the numerous things she learned PRIOR to even making the videos, which gave her a reasonable basis to believe that Planned Parenthood was committing heinous crimes.

This gave her a legal excuse to film the undercover videos EVEN if the recorded conversations had been confidential—which they clearly were not. Planned Parenthood had almost NOTHING to say in response. It was POWERFUL!

+  +  "VERY difficult circumstances"

The trial is going well but we face, as Harry also shared, “VERY difficult circumstances.” That’s because of court-imposed limitations on what can and can not be shared during the trial. Harry explained . . .

For instance, the Court has decided that this case is ONLY about the *alleged* illegal conduct of Sandra and her colleagues, and NOT about the *demonstrated* (caught on video) illegal conduct of Planned Parenthood.

Thus, the Court is NOT allowing us to play ANY portion of the videos that show how Planned Parenthood broke the law by profiting from the sale of baby parts.

The result, unless things change during the trial, is that the jury will never see the evidence of Planned Parenthood’s crimes.

+  +  Beating hearts from living babies

A courageous grandmother, Sandra went undercover to expose Planned Parenthood’s gruesome and cruel trafficking in human body parts.

Her hidden camera videos—captured with colleague David Daleiden—exposed the abortion giant's ghoulish commerce in organs cut or torn from preborn boys and girls.

Experts testified in Sandra's recent criminal hearing that some of these babies were still alive when organ procurement butchers cut open their chests and grabbed their beating hearts.

Now the nation’s largest abortion chain is out to crush Sandra’s First Amendment rights and utterly bankrupt her.

+  +  Deadly serious

And Planned Parenthood is deadly serious. It has dozens of attorneys working around the clock in a furious attempt to punish Sandra and make her an object lesson to anyone who wants to follow in her tracks.

That’s why I ask for your prayers and your financial support.

This is the most expensive case in Liberty Counsel’s history. The trial, with more than 60 witnesses, could go up to eight weeks. That means huge bills for hotel accommodations, airfare, food, court transcripts and more.

The cost for court exhibits alone will soar into the tens of thousands. All told, this trial’s expense will go well into the high six figures.

Please pray and stand with Sandra now with your gift.

Humanly speaking, the odds in this case are long . . . but with God all things are possible!

Thank you for your friendship and for helping Sandra fight Planned Parenthood in court. Your prayers and generous support make a real difference!

For life and liberty,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel