Court Tomorrow: Keep Christian Counseling Legal

Feb 10, 2020

The LGBT activists don't like what the Bible has to say about their lifestyle, so they want to ban it. Tomorrow morning, I will be in court fighting to keep Bible-based Christian counseling legal.

So far, 80 cities and states have passed unconstitutional and ungodly laws banning people from receiving Christian counseling to fight unwanted same-sex attractions and dysphoric gender identities. In Otto v. Boca Raton, that Florida city has chosen to bow to the anti-science, anti-God LGBT agenda which seeks to silence anything — even the very Word of God — that might be used to dispel the LGBT lie.

Not only has the city chosen to silence Christian counselors — they went so far as to mandate that even if patients want Christian counseling, they are not legally allowed to receive it.

While on the surface this case appears to only deal with homosexuality, if allowed to stand, these counseling bans will be used as a precedent to ban other forms of Christian counseling as well as Christian speech itself.

If we lose, this case will help set the legal precedent to apply Christian counseling bans across all sectors of counseling — marriage, child rearing, social behavior and even God's order for the family and home. In short, this ban is a key strike in attempting to remove God's Word from the public square — by preventing people from seeking Godly counsel.

WE CANNOT LOSE THIS CASE. Our very religious freedom is truly at stake!

Like many others, you may have thought that the election of President Donald Trump and his outspoken support of many Christian principles meant that the First Amendment protection of religious freedom was absolutely safe. Sadly, the radical elements that have attacked Christ’s Word for decades have not stopped, nor will they stop unless thoughtful Christian patriots like you and me speak out and stop them.

Liberty Counsel is one of the few public interest law firms focused on religious freedom. We are at the very epicenter of the battle for America's soul and few cases exemplify this better than Otto v. Boca Raton. I will be in court tomorrow morning at a Court of Appeals arguing to stop this unconstitutional attack on religious freedom.

We need YOUR help to fund these battles in court and in the court of public opinion! I pray that you will answer the call today and make your best possible donation RIGHT NOW to ensure we have the funds to fight this case and many others like it... all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

In Christ,

Mat Staver


P.S. Anti-Christian forces are pushing harder than before to eradicate God’s direction for American culture. As a result, Liberty Counsel is defending more religious freedom cases than ever and the sheer volume of cases is taking a toll on our financial war chest.

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