Not Even the Nazis Were This Bold

Mar 9, 2020

On March 10, the city of St. Paul, Minnesota, will celebrate the genocide of 62 million people. They're calling it "Abortion Providers Appreciation Day."  Meanwhile, our client Sandra Merritt faces up to 10 years in prison and over $2 million in fines for exposing the horrific truth about the abortion industry.

Not even the Nazis were so bold as to celebrate "gas chamber technicians day," and let's face it, when we are talking about abortion, we are talking about genocide – a genocide more than 5 times larger than the Nazi Holocaust.  While the Nazis exterminated over 10 million people, abortion in America has robbed us of 62 million lives…that's 1/5 of the current American population – wiped out.

Our client, Sandra Merritt, exposed the revolting underbelly of the abortion world – a world driven by greed, where babies are just commodities; no better than a side of beef to be carved up and sold to the highest bidder.

Sandra's undercover videos revealed in gruesome detail the depths of evil to which abortionists will go to ensure they get top dollar for each "baby part" delivered.  One doctor was caught on film haggling for higher payments on baby livers because she "wants a Lamborghini."  Yet it is Sandra, not the doctors who admitted to chopping up fully born, fully alive babies, that is facing 10 years in prison and over $2 million in fines.

Planned Parenthood's website boasts a whopping EIGHT abortion clinics within a 30-mile radius of St. Paul, a city ironically named for the Apostle Paul.  Though numbers are not available for each of these centers, it's safe to deduce that the sheer number of abortion clinics in this medium-sized city and the proclamation of an official "Abortion Providers Appreciation Day," indicates Planned Parenthood is making a lot of money in the Twin Cities, while Sandra stands to lose everything -- even her freedom.

Liberty Counsel never charges our clients, including Sandra.  And I must tell you, this case has been the single most expensive case in our 31-year history.  That's what happens when you take on a $1.7 billion behemoth like Planned Parenthood – they level all the guns, trying to financially break opposition so that they leave the fight.

Without the pro-bono representation Liberty Counsel provides, most clients (including Sandra) would lose and likely wind up behind bars for living their Christian faith.  We can't let that happen to Sandra, a true pro-life hero who dared expose Planned Parenthood's genocide.  Please, give generously TODAY to help us keep Sandra Merritt out of prison!

In Christ,

Mat Staver