Threat to Close Churches PERMANENTLY

Mar 31, 2020

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio threatens to close churches PERMANENTLY

In a press conference held this past weekend, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened to PERMANENTLY close any church that refuses to obey his unconstitutional orders. If de Blasio and his fellow anti-Christian travelers get their way, for the first time in American history not a single American church will be open on Easter Sunday.

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“Everyone has been instructed that if they see worship services going on, they will go to the officials of the congregation, they’ll inform them they need to stop the services and disperse. If that does not happen, they will take additional action up to the point of fines and potentially closing the building permanently.” NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

Liberty Counsel is already representing one pastor, Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, who was arrested yesterday for opening his church, The River Church of Tampa, FL, to people who needed the comfort of the Lord as well as food from their farmer’s market.

Never mind that Pastor Browne’s church has gone far beyond state, local and CDC guidelines for safety, including installing hospital-grade, anti-microbial air purification systems that are certified to destroy microbes.

Never mind that the church complied with social distancing orders by placing each family 6 feet or more apart from other attending families and gave each attendee hand sanitizer. Never mind that farmer’s markets, like the one held by the church, are specifically exempted from and allowed by the country shut down order.

Never mind that all church staff members wore gloves or that the church itself took a higher level of precaution than the Sheriff’s own press conference announcing Pastor Browne’s arrest. And never mind the Constitution or the law, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister wants the church CLOSED – just like NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. Meanwhile, Home Depots are filled with people not doing social distancing.

Hillsborough County does not believe that churches are “essential,” but buying a pot or a potted plant, liquor, or killing innocent children in the womb is essential.

The fact is that churches, including our client The River Church of Tampa, FL, can and are obeying safety guidelines...but the enemy wants our churches SHUT DOWN.


Easter Sunday is coming. The Bible makes it absolutely clear that we as believers WILL be persecuted for living our faith. The Bible tells us we will be attacked. The Bible tells us we will be mocked. The Bible even tells us we will be persecuted. But the Bible also tells us we shall not falter in the face of any of these trials.

The attacks that come against us in this time will be relentless. But we MUST double down on our faith in the Lord.  We MUST refuse to falter in the face of fear and fear mongering. The Bible told us there would be such times, when believers would be persecuted for following our Lord.

And for the first time in American history, Anti-Christian forces in both the physical and the spiritual realm are trying to ensure that not a single church in America is open to celebrate God’s covenant over us through our risen Savior Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

It is my fervent prayer that the followers of Christ will rise up in one body, despite the ridicule, the persecution, the demonic, spiritual and even physical attacks against us.

It is my fervent prayer than every child of God will rise at this critical time in His-story to refuse the silencing measures imposed by the ungodly, and stand strong for Christ.

Please, join us today in fighting the silencing of the church.

Send a message to governors, Congress and the White House NOW. Tell them we will NOT give up our God given, constitutional right to gather to worship and to proclaim His holy name. – Select here to defend the Church!

My friend, true liberty IS found in Christ. We must not remain silent.

Please, join us now to fight tyranny. Join us now to fight FOR the Church...not just Pastor Browne’s church, but for every church across this nation. Let not God’s Word go unspoken in this of all seasons!

What will YOU choose today? Liberty or Tyranny?

In Christ,

Mat Staver,
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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