Surgeries Deemed "Non-Essential" Despite Empty Hospitals

Apr 23, 2020

Hospitals across the country are laying off healthcare workers while time critical, lifesaving surgeries and treatments have been cancelled. Further, governors across the country have chosen to continue shutting down nearly the entire healthcare industry as well as most of the economy. Meanwhile, cancer, cardiac and high-risk pregnancy patients are not receiving the lifesaving treatments they need to survive.

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It seems unbelievable, but many of the surgeries and treatments the American healthcare system provides to save lives – vital procedures like heart and cancer surgeries – have been deemed to be "elective" and therefore "non-essential services."

The shutdown of non-COVID-19 medical services is so severe that already, according to the United States Bureau of Labor statistics, 43,000 healthcare jobs were lost in March 2020 alone. That number has continued to rise significantly in April, leading the Health Landscape and American Academy of Family Physicians to conclude that 60,000 family medical practices will close or scale back by June, affecting an amazing total of 800,000 workers!

A current example: In eastern San Jose, NM, the maternity ward in the only trauma center certified hospital in the area has been completely shut down, leaving women with complications or high-risk pregnancies with nowhere to turn for lifesaving OB-GYN and delivery assistance.

In Marion County, WV, the Fairmont Regional Medical center closed completely at the end of March, leaving area patients in the lurch. Patients don't have time to wait 20-30 minutes for an ambulance and then be driven 20-30 minutes in either direction to the next closest hospital.

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In Florida, a personal friend of mine, a cardiac surgeon, is whiling-away his hours at home walking his dogs and worrying about his patients because heart surgery, too, has been deemed "elective."

Another personal friend was scheduled to have life-saving surgery to treat his growing cancer. Every day that passes without that surgery decreases his chance of survival. Yet, during the shutdown, cancer surgery is also deemed "elective."

And in New York City, paramedics have been ordered NOT to resuscitate heart attack victims, even though modern medicine has made heart attacks highly survivable after resuscitation.

So why aren't all these health care workers being redeployed to treat COVID-19 patients?  Because not enough COVID-19 patients exist.

The exaggerated projections never materialized. In Seattle, WA, the US Army field hospital set up to handle COVID overflow was torn down because it was never used. The Mercy and Comfort ships remain nearly empty, serving just a couple dozen patients each.

The tens of thousands of emergency ventilators that governors breathlessly declared were needed immediately sit unused.  And hospital beds and ICU beds across the nation are empty, as is the case in Florida where 40% of hospital beds have no patients.  In fact, according to Governor Ron DeSantis' recent press conference, Florida now has more open beds than before the COVID "crisis."

People are dying because of the radical actions of governors who seem more interested in getting on television to issue another decree than efficiently utilizing resources.

As of today, in a world of 7 billion people, COVID-19 has caused 188,000 deaths. In America alone, a country of 330 million people, COVID has claimed a total of 48,000 lives. Meanwhile, heart disease carries on, continuing to kill 647,000 Americans per year, as does cancer which kills 599,000 Americans a year.

Yet, heart and cancer surgeries have been canceled because governors declared them "non-essential." And numbers of deaths due to heart disease and cancer are expected to rise exponentially in America because for weeks, going on months, the shutdown orders have prevented these patients from receiving lifesaving care.

On top of the healthcare crisis, another 4.4 million people lost their jobs last week. The lockdowns and loss of jobs have increased stress, resulting in a dramatic rise in depression, anxiety, domestic violence, child abuse, exploitation of women, illegal and prescription drug use and suicide.

America needs to reopen!

The cure is now officially killing the patient.  It's time to reopen America before even one more life is lost to the damage caused by the sheer panic over COVID-19 – the pandemic that never was.

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In Christ,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman

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