No Mandatory Vaccinations!

Jun 5, 2020

Mass vaccination plans may have the appearance of being "voluntary," but in fact these programs will determine where you are allowed to travel, when you are allowed to shop and even if you are allowed to leave your own home. And the apps to enforce compliance that are being tested in the US are already widely in use around the globe.

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No matter what you think about vaccines, no one wants to be forced to take a vaccine against their will. But forced vaccination is what is being pushed by out-of-control officials, bureaucrats and their billionaire backers.

Mandatory vaccination will likely not mean that jackbooted government agents will hold you down and force a needle into your arm. Rather, if world news reports are accurate, your life will be made so uncomfortable without taking the vaccine that you will find that you don't really have much of a choice. The playbook for how this will roll out is already on full display in several countries around the world.

In China and India, and even Israel, COVID "tracking and tracing" apps have rapidly morphed from tracking possible disease contact to controlling movements of people. The apps in all three countries are operating under a "stop, slow or go" protocol.

"Go" means you have been tested, cleared and have not been near someone who has tested positive. "Slow" means the user MAY have been exposed to the virus, so allowed movements are limited. And "stop" means the citizen cannot leave their home – even if they have not yet been tested or are asymptomatic.

Before being allowed into any building, including offices, grocery stores and even pharmacies, users must display their COVID app status to officials or their deputies monitoring the doors. The officials scan the app to determine whether the user will be allowed inside that building.

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Now contrast that with what is happening here in the United States...

Computer entrepreneur turned healthcare-lobbyist Bill Gates is touring the world, marketing his "digital health certificate" concept, through which travel authorization is determined by the vaccination status residing on a would-be traveler's phone app. The EU has picked up on this idea and is now considering adopting it for travel between European nations and even major cities inside the same country.

While President Trump has stated his recommendation that any COVID vaccine be voluntary, without express privacy legislation the president has no authority to force the states to comply. Rather, these matters are ultimately decided by state governors and legislators along with local school administrations.

In other words, like the president's recommendations on shutdowns, re-opening churches and re-opening America, state governors can (and many likely will) ignore the president's recommendation.

A handful of rogue governors have already given us a clue to their intended future actions...

Gov. J.B. Pritzker has repeatedly stated that Illinois will not reopen fully until and unless a COVID vaccine is available – a process he believes may take 12-18 months.

You might recall that just weeks ago, two Chicago area churches were threatened with "Summary Abatement" and the possibility of having the city bulldoze their church buildings. This, after Liberty Counsel filed suit against Gov. Pritzker for his illegal edicts against our clients' churches. The official that signed those "Summary Abatement" notices, Health Commissioner Allison Arwady, also recently stated she is enacting plans to have "ALL Chicagoans" vaccinated.

Pritzker and Commissioner Arwady made tyrannical threats and took illegal actions against our church clients, even while under a federal lawsuit to stop their tyranny. Can they be trusted not to launch even more authoritarian measures against individual citizens?

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Certainly, many people may choose to exercise their right to get a vaccine. However, for many the decision whether to take a vaccine is a deeply personal decision of faith and/or medical necessity. Just as the government has no right to force us to worship as they dictate, neither does the government have the right to force Americans to inject our bodies with unknown, and potentially untested, substances.

It is imperative that we STOP this heavy push toward mass vaccination before the COVID vaccine is released. Because if we wait that long, the machinery to coerce "voluntary" acceptance will already be in place...just like the COVID tracking apps that are already in place in Utah, Texas and other states.

Freedom loving citizens must now rise up with one voice to...

  • Encourage the president's and the vice president's COVID task force to recommend TRULY voluntary vaccine measures.
  • Tell Congress NOT to pass compulsory vaccine laws.
  • Tell the governors to immediately drop all mandatory vaccination plans.

The American people are not mere cattle to be bagged, tagged and tracked. We are a free people who intend to keep ALL our liberties, including the liberty to decide what we want –or don't want -- injected into our bodies.

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In Christ,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman

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