Robert's Story Illustrates What's at Stake...

Nov 6, 2020

The Supreme Court will vote on a case today bearing on a major religious freedom issue. The outcome of this case will affect all of us, including Liberty Counsel’s crucially important church cases. I want to share a true story to illustrate the importance of this case. Please read on. -Mat

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Raised by two lesbians, Robert Oscar Lopez appeared to be a happy teenager. He was active in numerous high school activities and academic pursuits.

But what could not be seen on the outside was the influence and pressure of his two lesbian parents, who denigrated men.

Robert’s mother and her lover were deeply involved in numerous LGBT organizations and causes. One of the most damaging was the influence of Catholic liberation theology, of which his mother was a devotee.

From his earliest days, Robert’s mother placed him with former nuns and priests who extolled “the beauty” of same-sex relationships. Those same fallen notions also blurred the lines not only of sexuality, but gender, as his family insistently referred to God as “she.”

Confused, Robert tried to fill the man-shaped hole in his heart with other males. By 1987, the then-16-year-old was living by day as an outwardly happy high schooler and by night as a gay prostitute.

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“My first time being paid for sex brought me a mix of shame and further compulsion,” says Robert. Even after gaining admission to Yale, his gay prostitution continued. His young life became a vicious circle of cruising homosexual pick-up spots where he got paid to have sex with graduate students, janitors and even professors.

The prostitution was not for money. Instead, it was a way to “feel loved and wanted by an older male figure, even if for only as short as a half hour.

+  +  Crisis becomes salvation

Robert’s vicious cycle of paid “hook ups” followed by shame and confusion continued into adulthood. But in 1998, with both his mother and her lover long gone to the grave, he found himself battling cancer, alone. In loneliness and desperation, Robert tracked down his birth father, who moved the long-lost son into his home.

He took care of me after the surgery and liberated me, in a sense, from the gay ‘family’ that had been positive but also toxic. Being able to say, ‘you are my father’ to him meant the world to me,” says Robert. “Establishment of ties to my father in 1998 led to a transition in my life, from being lost and sexually confused to being stable and romantically fulfilled.

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The hole of manhood that existed in his heart was filled with the only thing that could fill it – the love of a father. Two years later, Robert abandoned not only prostitution, but the homosexual lifestyle itself.

Twenty-two years later, Robert is a happily married father of two. And as a tenured professor of psychology, he now advocates for children like himself, those being harmed by same-sex parents.

[Same-sex] adoption involve[s] using the force of the state to force unwilling children into emotional relationships with people who are not their parents,” he says. “This coercion is permanent, hurtful, and discriminatory, insofar as all children have a mother and father but children placed in same-sex-couple homes are stripped of one of these two figures without their consent.”

Robert is right. Studies show drastic increases in depression, suicide, early childhood sexualization and sexual deviancy among children raised by same-sex parents. In households with two lesbian “parents,” the numbers get worse, as a generalized antipathy along with near-constant degradation of males by lesbian parents fosters an enduring “masculinity hole” in boys’ hearts... just as Robert so painfully experienced.

Robert was saved from life-long damage through reuniting with his birth father. But many children are never given that life-changing opportunity.

Fulton vs. Philadelphia

The Supreme Court heard a case this week that will dramatically impact the lives of adoptive and foster care children -- and religious freedom -- throughout the United States.

All these adoption ministries seek is the RIGHT to follow their God-given, unalienable and constitutionally protected religious beliefs… rather than a state-mandated LGBT agenda that is harmful to children.

Philadelphia is trying to force religious organizations to place adoptive and foster care children with same-sex couples. Noncompliance means they will no longer be allowed to offer foster care and adoption services.

Thousands of children will be deprived of the right to join a stable, functional family modeled after God’s wise and ageless design. These children will be deprived of the two things the Bible and nearly every honest psychological study says children absolutely need – a mother and a father.

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Thank God that Justice Barrett is now on the Court in time to hear this case! This case will impact ALL the other religious freedom cases before the Court this session – including our case involving Romanian churches in Illinois.

Our Romanian churches are the first church restrictions case ready for a full review by the Court. This case could end the nationwide persecution of pastors, churches and parishioners!

Religious freedom is under attack on all sides and this is shaping up to be a long fight. We need your help as never before! Please take advantage of our new Year-End Challenge Grant that will effectively DOUBLE every contribution made between now and the end of the year. We are fighting every day to keep religious freedom FREE.

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God bless you for faithfully standing with Liberty Counsel in this crucially important legal battle!

Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman

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