More Gates of Hell Are Being Kicked Open...

Dec 16, 2020

A California Superior Court Judge just delivered a big blow to CA Gov. Gavin Newsom’s continuing attempt to shutter God’s churches and silence God’s people. Colorado churches are now free after that state’s governor saw the handwriting on the wall. And the Supreme Court spoke again - NJ is now directed to stop discriminating against churches. Read on to learn what is next in the battle for religious freedom. -Mat

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California has the worst restrictions against houses of worship in the country. Gov. Gavin Newsom has BANNED WORSHIP for 99.1% of all Californians and has even made it ILLEGAL for Californians to have home Bible study or prayer with anyone who does not live in the home.

Meanwhile, pastors and churches like Pastor Ché Ahn and Harvest Rock Church and Harvest International Ministry, face one year in jail and $1,000 in fines for every day their churches are open.

Now the gates of hell are crashing down AGAIN!

Earlier this week, I told you how our work defending the pastors, churches, and parishioners from illegal and unconstitutional COVID church shutdown orders is kicking down the gates of hell, freeing the faithful of Colorado. This week, that work freed a Catholic Church in California, and the Supreme Court has now issued orders for churches in New Jersey and Colorado!

Late last week, California Superior Court Judge Gregory Pulskamp shredded CA Gov. Newsom’s anti-church COVID orders, issuing an injunction that prevents the lawless governor from further restricting worship. Citing the NY case involving churches and synagogues and our CA case with Harvest Rock Church and Harvest International Ministry, the judge wrote:

"Fortunately, the United States Supreme Court has very recently issued opinions . . . which provide clear guidance on these issues."

And, yesterday, the Supreme Court also set aside the lower court orders in both NJ and CO.

As you likely know, our case representing Romanian churches in IL is still pending at the Supreme Court. Our case of Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church and Logos Baptist Ministries is the first case before the Court ready for a full review.


As you know, Liberty Counsel never charges for our work. We know all too well that most people could never afford a legal battle against the unlimited resources of a corrupt governor. Instead, we rely on God’s gracious provision through generous supporters like you.

Even though we have many wins, the battle continues. Just yesterday, CA Gov. Newsom filed hundreds of pages in our Harvest Rock Church case. Gov. Newsom is now asking the lower CA court to rule that he has authority to continue to restrict houses of worship -- despite the clear command of the U.S. Supreme Court!

Our legal team worked through the night and will work late tonight to file our response to Gov. Newsom’s outrageous arguments.

In fact, several governors who are drunk on power do not want to let the captives go free. Therefore, we must continue fighting and may have to return to the Supreme Court to secure freedom for all Californians.

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The legal battle for religious freedom is far from over...

This battle to restore freedom of religion to ALL of America is FAR from done. In many ways it is like we have discovered the key to unlock a million jail cells. Having found the right legal key, we must now unlock the many cells holding American religious freedom hostage.

We are filing new briefs at each of the states in which we are already litigating against church closures. We will not rest until American churches are truly free.


Please be in prayer for our attorneys and our staff as we continue to wage this battle. Please also continue to be in prayer for our nation – that our collective hearts will turn to the Lord so that we will once more be “One Nation Under God.”

Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman

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