Sandra Merritt: Profile in Courage

Dec 24, 2020

“Don’t pray this prayer unless you mean it,” Sandra’s friend told her.  Minutes after she prayed, Sandra Merritt received a text that would change her life forever, putting this pro-life grandmother at the very top of Planned Parenthood’s “Public Enemies” list. Read on to learn more about our client and our fight to exonerate her and keep this pro-life hero out of prison. -Mat

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As I contemplate the celebration of the birth of Christ tonight, I cannot help but be reminded of Sandra Merritt’s story and the tiny babies her work has helped to save. Sandra’s work put her firmly in the crosshairs of Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion provider.

They would like to see this pro-life grandmother silenced, financially broken and imprisoned for her work exposing their heinous crimes against tiny, helpless children.

This is Sandra’s story...

Sandra Merritt’s heart had been burdened for some time over the growing darkness in our world. Sandra revealed her troubled heart to a friend one day, and about her growing need to “do something” to shine God’s light into the world.

Her friend recommended a prayer but warned Sandra, “Don’t pray it unless you really mean it, because God will answer.”

Sandra mulled the conversation for a while before finally falling to her knees to offer that prayer one day.

“God, use me. I abandon myself to your divine providence. In Jesus name, Amen.”

God answered her prayer quickly.

A few short hours later, Sandra received a text from a number she did not recognize. Before even replying to the sender, Sandra knew with absolute conviction that this contact was God answering her prayer. It was as if God was saying, “Let’s roll!”

And that’s how Sandra’s battle for God’s precious babies began.

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Sandra spent the next several months as an undercover investigative journalist. She gained access to the blood-soaked and vile underbelly of the abortion industry. Her videos, all taped in public places where there was no expectation the conversation was private, shocked the world with undeniable proof of evil that horrified even abortion advocates.

You see, Planned Parenthood and its affiliates were not just aborting babies. Instead, in order to generate higher profits, the abortionists were chopping up aborted babies – some while they were still alive – and selling the body parts to the highest bidder! Organ procurement companies sold some of the baby body parts supplied by Planned Parenthood for up to 17,000 dollars.

As Sandra had hoped, the truth came out. The videos were undeniable and indefensible.

Planned Parenthood was leading one of the world’s largest human body parts trafficking rings.

But somehow, instead of Planned Parenthood being put on trial, Sandra Merritt, the whistleblower who had exposed the abortion giant’s despicable crimes, was the one on trial!

If you have been reading my emails for some time, or if you have seen Sandra’s videos for yourself, you know what Sandra witnessed was more gruesome than any horror movie. One doctor proudly bragged about ripping living children apart in the womb to get a higher priced “specimen.”

Another sawed through the face of a baby whose heart was still beating in order to get a more valuable brain specimen. Sandra witnessed these horrors and much more during her time undercover.

But Sandra says recording the evidence against the mercenary baby killers was the easiest part of this now multi-year battle. “I wanted the truth of what was going on behind closed doors that was affecting so many men and women... I wanted that truth told,” she says.

But then the assault on Sandra’s liberty began. The abortion-loving California Attorney General (initially Kamala Harris, followed by Xavier Beccera) filed hyped-up, outrageous criminal charges. Then Planned Parenthood followed with a massive civil lawsuit. Now, Sandra faces years in jail (if wrongfully convicted) and tens of millions in fines and/or judgments for exposing Planned Parenthood’s crimes.

It has been several years since the legal battle began, and for every day of it we have been proud to represent this fearless pro-life hero.

Sandra has found the strength to withstand the assault of Planned Parenthood and the politically motivated criminal charges by remembering her prayer. “God, use me. I abandon myself to your divine providence. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Because she knew this was God’s work for her, Sandra knew He would be with her the entire way.

Fund the legal defense for clients like Planned Parenthood whistleblower Sandra Merritt and have YOUR IMPACT DOUBLED by the Year-End Challenge Grant.

“It is well with my soul,” says Sandra, although her legal battle is not over. “This is not a battle of flesh and blood, but a spiritual battle. It is very encouraging to know that people are praying, and that sustains me.”

This has now become the most expensive case to defend in Liberty Counsel’s history going back to our founding in 1989. And Sandra’s criminal and civil cases are far from over.

2020 has been the most extensive litigation year in Liberty Counsel's 31-year history. With so many critical battles, including defending the right to life, religious freedom and election integrity, our resources are severely stretched.

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Thank you for standing with us in these fights!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman

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