The Future Hope of the Republic

Jan 7, 2021

Throngs of concerned marchers filled Washington, DC, yesterday as members of Congress began the House and Senate sessions objecting to the electoral certification of Arizona. The shocking events we all witnessed do not change the facts concerning the 2020 general election. The fraud has not changed, and neither has our mission to shine light on that fraud.

Liberty Counsel condemns the violence that broke out and offers our prayers for those who suffered the consequences of that violence.

Meanwhile, pastors, churches and the faithful in America are being persecuted for assembling to worship. The country is at a tipping point. But there is hope. Please, read on. -Mat

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Things looked terribly bleak for Esther in the Bible. Circumstances looked disastrous when Moses led Israel to the edge of the Red Sea. And, I’ve got to admit, things look extremely challenging in America today. But I want to reassure you – God is in control.

The American people have not given up, and neither have we! We ended 2020 by working late into the night on New Year’s Eve writing and submitting briefs to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals defending the right of California’s Christians to attend church.

At the same time, our research and legal staff have been deeply engaged in stopping the steal of our 2020 elections. As I have written for months, the sheer volume of credible, unmistakable evidence of election fraud that occurred is shocking.

BUT we know God can intervene and turn what looks like a hopeless cause into a miraculous victory!

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Liberty Counsel WILL NOT STOP fighting for our precious liberty!

We ended 2020 defending freedom and America...

Late into the evening New Year’s Eve, while the rest of the world celebrated 2021’s arrival, our attorneys were busy filing court briefs defending the right of Christians to assemble for worship.

Our election fraud researchers were busy at work as well, monitoring new developments in the election, collecting, investigating and preserving election fraud evidence.

And we began 2021 defending freedom and America, as well…

On the very first working day of the New Year, I presented oral argument defending churches in California once again. My argument, delivered to a three-judge panel, makes clear that NO governor, including CA Gov. Gavin Newsom, may prevent a person from attending church.

Yet, Gov. Newsom has banned worship for 99.9% of the state. Never in America should pastors and parishioners be faced with the choice between attending church and staying out of prison. I believe our arguments went well, and we anticipate a ruling next week.

And our election fraud team is continuing to defend election integrity.

We are also preparing for the battles ahead, including defending the freedom to choose whether to be vaccinated or not. That battle is looming.


Never did I dream that pastors across the United States would be arrested, criminally charged, and face massive fines and jail here in America... for simply opening their churches.

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And never did I dream that an entire congregation of churchgoers would be threatened with a year in prison for assembling to worship. Or that they would be involuntarily confined for attending an Easter Sunday service.

And never did I dream that a grandmother, pro-life hero Sandra Merritt, who exposed one of the most horrific mass-murder machines in history, would face prison for reporting on Planned Parenthood’s horrific harvesting and sale of baby body parts.

We will not give up because we serve a God of miracles...

I am sure Esther faced many challenging, even depressing, days. The death decree she faced was irrevocable. So, too, with Moses, who faced the Egyptian superpower at his back, the Red Sea ahead, and the grumbling people all around him. Yet, God intervened at the last minute, and the rest is history.

My friends, God has not changed. Nothing is impossible for Him. That is why I NEVER focus on the physical giants in the land, I focus on God. I know what He can do.

To say we have a lot on our legal plate is an understatement. As we enter 2021, it is clear we will face even more challenges. Won’t you please be a part of the blessing that I know God is preparing for you and America?

Your ongoing generous support means that brave and honorable people like Sandra Merritt and all the pastors and parishioners we represent will never have to worry about paying mountains of legal bills to restore their liberty.

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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Mat Staver
Founder & Chairman

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