"Equality Act" Targets Churches and Schools

Mar 9, 2021

The so-called “Equality Act” will devastate Christian schools from pre-K through college. Noncompliant schools will lose tax exemption (including federal, state and property) and accreditation. Loss of accreditation will be the death of most Christian colleges and universities. Read the shocking details. —Mat

Send your fax NOW to the U.S. Senate—tell them to LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE! VOTE NO ON THE "EQUALITY ACT"!

The radical LGBTQ Human Rights Coalition (HRC) is demanding Joe Biden strip Christian schools and colleges of their accreditation. Now the intentionally misnamed “Equality Act” will accomplish that and more.

The “Equality Act” was passed by a narrow margin in the House and is now live in the Senate where we CAN stop it IF we voice opposition NOW!

First, the bill will require schools to accept abortion. Schools that offer health insurance for students must include abortion.

Second, the bill imposes LGBTQ into every corner of the school. This includes “Q”—which the bill says stands for “Queer”—all the nearly 550 paraphilias (including pedophilia). This applies to staff, teachers, restrooms, lockers, showers, dorms, sports and more.

This bill is a Pandora’s Box of evil that will insert itself into scores of federal laws, override all state and local laws, and force religious institutions to accept and promote homosexual, bisexual, transvestite, transexual and any of the nearly 550 deviant paraphilia behaviors.

Tell the Senate—STOP THE “EQUALITY ACT”! Select here or the button below to send your fax now!

As I mentioned, the “Q” in LGBTQ covers about 550 sexual perversions (in addition to LGBT), including pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality and more. The list will literally make you sick.

IF the religious institutions refuse to change their doctrine and policies to accommodate the entire panorama of sexual deviance, they will be punished. The “Equality Act” REVOKES religious freedom exemptions and protections.

In 1993, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) was passed unanimously in the House, 97-3 in the Senate and was signed into law by President Bill Clinton. It was supported by liberals, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans and Independents. It was sponsored in the Senate by Chuck Schumer, who now wants to revoke it in favor of LGBTQ and abortion. The bill says RFRA cannot be raised as a claim or defense.

If schools refuse to hire a crossdresser, a pedophile or a goat lover, they will be penalized. I know this sounds absurd—but, sadly, it’s true.

If schools refuse boys in girls’ locker rooms, they will be penalized.

The bill will also transform curricula. If Christian schools teach there are only two genders, they will be penalized. Whatever would raise concerns regarding race will do so even more for LGBTQ and abortion.

Colleges and universities that lose accreditation will be devastated. Students will not be eligible for student loans, nor will most graduate schools accept applicants from unaccredited schools. Law students who graduate from an unaccredited school will not be able to take the bar exam—meaning they will not be lawyers. The same is true for many professional degrees.

We have bipartisan support to keep the filibuster in the Senate—which requires 60 votes for passage. The Democrats do not have 60 votes. That is why they are looking for ways to sneak this through on a majority voice vote. Every minute of every day we need one person on the floor to object. This will force a full vote.

We are working with senators to guard the floor. WE NEED EVERY VOTE AND EVERY VOICE. We need your voice NOW to send a strong message.

Tell the Senate—STOP THE “EQUALITY ACT”! Select here.

There are so many more dangerous and destructive aspects of this wicked bill—too many to list in just one email. I will write to inform you of those things as the fight goes on. But for now, please, take a stand to protect our children and Christian education!

The "Equality Act" is not about equality. If it were, houses of worship would be exempt and religious freedom would not be set aside. And innocent children would not be killed by abortion.

The bill is a massive expansion into every corner of our lives.

This bill shreds the very foundations of our country. By codifying paraphilias and abortion into legal protection, the bill will be a direct assault on our Judeo-Christian values and our unalienable right to religious freedom.

We can stop this in the Senate if we all respond now!

Fax Congress and sign the petition. The secret of faxing's impact is that members of Congress may not turn off their fax machines. While they can hide, Congress cannot ignore you! Send your fax NOW.

Many governors have tried to shutter churches and silence Christians. The “Equality Act” will expand this assault.

Churches have been closed and restricted, pastors criminally charged and fines levied. Churchgoers have faced a decision no one should face—church or jail. We continue to defend pastors and churches in multiple lawsuits, two of which are at the Supreme Court.

Now, the “Equality Act” seeks to silence every person and organization—including churches and schools—that will not embrace LGBTQ and abortion.

The church is essential. So are Christian schools.

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"With him is an arm of flesh, but with us is the LORD our God, to help us and to fight our battles" (2 Chronicles 32:8a).

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman

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