Kinsey, PP, the APA and the "Equality Act"

Mar 15, 2021

If passed, the so-called “Equality Act” will give legal rights to nearly 550 deviant sexual practices – including pedophilia. This was Alfred Kinsey’s goal since his first propaganda book in 1948.

Please rush your urgent fax to the U.S. Senate to STOP THE "EQUALITY ACT." —Mat

Years ago, when activists used words such as “tolerance” and “equality” for “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” I warned that the goal was to erase Judeo-Christian values and morality. I warned this agenda included “same-sex” marriage, men in women’s facilities and pedophilia. And once accepted, there would be NO TOLERANCE for dissent.

Back then, gay and lesbian activists insisted they only wanted “equal treatment.” Those who dared speak out were labeled hysterical. Yet in 2021, LGBT & Q has invaded the sacrament of marriage, men are demanding to enter women’s private rooms and sports, and now the “Q” (standing for “Queer” in the Senate bill) includes pedophilia and more.

After years of adding new letters and rearranging them (putting L before G), the “Q” was added for “Questioning,” and now it means “Queer.” The “Q” now includes everything outside of LGBT—it includes all sexual paraphilias.


STOP THE EQUALITY ACT with your urgent fax now.

Now, they want yet more. The Senate version of the “Equality Act” refers to “Q” as “Queer.” There are nearly 550 paraphilias—including pedophilia.

So, we are seeing advocacy groups working to push pedophilia!

An academic and counseling advocacy organization called “B4U-ACT” advocates for pedophiles—euphemistically called “minor-attracted persons.”

An article in Critical Criminology cited B4U-ACT in a recent piece to normalize pedophilia. Titled “Minor Attraction: A Queer Criminological Issue,” its authors claim that pedophilia is a “sexual identity.”

The article seeks to “argue for the use of queer criminology as a framework for future research with minor-attracted populations, which could have important implications for criminal justice practice and policy.” In other words, pedophilia is just another “sexual identity,” not criminal activity. Sadly, the “Equality Act” agrees with them.

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None of this should be a surprise because it all goes back to Alfred Kinsey and his two perverted books in 1948 and 1953, titled Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, respectively. In Table 34 of his 1948 book, Kinsey cited the “work” of child rapist Rex King, who kept detailed handwritten diaries regarding the more than 800 children he raped.

I do not want to describe what is cataloged in Table 34. But you can view it at Believe me, it makes you sick. You see, Kinsey hated God, and he wanted to abolish Judeo-Christian values and morals. His method was to advocate for the removal of any and all standards of decency pertaining to human sexuality—which includes pedophilia and much more. This is exactly what HR 5 would do.

Now, Kinsey’s work has led to the deviously named “Equality Act,” in which ALL sexual perversion would be protected and even promoted.

STOP THE “EQUALITY ACT” with your urgent fax now.

Kinsey’s legacy can be seen in Planned Parenthood with its dangerous propaganda to young people to experiment with every deviant behavior. Even the American Psychological Association (APA) is now promoting “nonmonogamy” (adultery, polygamy, polyamory and swinging).

Is it any surprise that the “Equality Act” includes abortion along with LGBTQ, or that Planned Parenthood and the APA are both lobbying for its passage?

Knowing that churches, faith-based schools and people of faith will object, Sen. Chuck Schumer, who was a sponsor of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, now pushes the bill to revoke RFRA.

But it gets worse. The “Equality Act” exponentially expands the federal government into every corner of our lives. No one will escape its reach. It even applies to the internet, social media, email and websites. This bill also applies to “any gathering” and is not limited to a “physical facility or place.”

Further, this outrageous bill applies to your “beliefs” and “perceptions.”

This means you could be sued by the U.S. Department of Justice and individuals for your “beliefs and perceptions” about human sexuality!

Sen. Schumer invoked Senate Rule 14 so he can bypass committees and vote on the bill at any time. The bill will be in the Senate Judiciary Committee for a time—but do not be fooled. Schumer is poised to call a “voice vote” any time—most likely the early hours of an opportune morning. Our senator friends are guarding the Senate floor every minute to object and force a full vote.


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Mat Staver

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