Five Years in Prison for Calling Daughter a "Girl"

Mar 16, 2021

A Canadian man faces five years in prison for calling his daughter a “girl.” Meanwhile, in America, the so-called “Equality Act” would cause similar insane applications of its LGBTQ provisions. This act will destroy parental rights as well as children as it seeks to ram Alfred Kinsey’s twisted LGBT and Q perversions into law.

Time is short. The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee will be considering the “Equality Act” this week. WE MUST STOP THIS BILL! Select here or the button below to send your fax now, then read on for the latest on my meeting with members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. —Mat


Imagine you notice a sudden and unexpected change in your young daughter’s dress, demeanor and behavior. Then imagine discovering that without consulting with you, the school had been telling your child she “is a boy in a girl’s body.”

Worse yet, imagine discovering the school has superseded your parental authority by arranging to have your daughter secretly injected with life- changing irreversible hormones.

Such is the case with Rob Hoogland of Surrey, British Columbia, who now faces up to five years in prison for calling his precious daughter a “girl.” And lest you think this would never happen in America, we are working with parents who, except for the prison threat, have experienced the same thing.


The problems began shortly after the local government school showed a series of “transgender-affirming” movies. Shortly thereafter, Hoogland says, school counselors began pressuring his young daughter to believe she is a boy. Worse yet, the school arranged for the girl to be injected with testosterone, despite the fact the father would have objected had he known.

But even though the government school system has been dispensing harmful, irreversible “treatments” to his daughter without his consent, the father, not the school or its employees, is facing five years in prison!

“Rapists get two years in prison. I’m looking at five years. Put that into perspective. That tells you how important this is to the government in their experimenting on children,” Hoogland said.

A Canadian Supreme Court judge assigned to the case, who is known for LGBT activism, says that Hoogland’s refusal to use male pronouns, a male name or to refer to his daughter as anything other than a “girl,” is “family violence”—a term that used to be reserved for actual violent acts.

Again, the American parents I referred to above have also been called “abusive” by child protection services for refusing to consent to hormone-blocking drugs and opposite-sex hormones. The real violence is in forcing irreversible physical changes on a child ill equipped to make such decisions.


Hoogland said, "These kids are going to be handed a life sentence. It’s irreversible. They will be sterile. They won’t have families. A lot of them will eventually choose to commit suicide because you’re compounding their mental health issues with this.

“They’ve been falsely told that they can change from a girl to a boy, which is impossible, and now they’re somewhere in the middle. So my five years is nothing compared to the prison these kids are being put into for the rest of their lives,” Hoogland concluded.

If the Senate passes the “Equality Act,” we will see many more cases like this here in the United States.

Yesterday, I spoke with key members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss this dangerous bill.

There are many problems with this bill, just one of which is the revocation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), which means churches, schools and religious organizations and people will have no protection. There is no “equality” when there is no religious freedom (in fact, no freedom at all). And this bill also will make abortion a federal right and overturn every state law.

But there is another terrible cost—a generation of children caught in the LGBT and Q lobby’s deadly game—children like Dave Hoogland’s daughter.

The “Equality Act” elevates sexual deviancy to a protected class against which no one will be able to object. As Mr. Hoogland found out, even using the biologically correct pronoun for his own daughter can result in government persecution!

While Canada apparently now considers “gender mislabeling” as “family violence” akin to violent child abuse, there is no doubt the “Equality Act” will mean the same for America.

Either way, religious and/or parental objection is forbidden. Only the twisted LGBT and Q agenda will prevail if we do not stop this bill.

We MUST save our children from this destructive bill. Every vote in the Senate will count. We can stop this bill, but we have to act now and not give up. Please, select here or the button below to send your fax now.


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Mat Staver,
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