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Apr 28, 2021

The fight to free America's churches isn't over. Some states are still locked down, houses of worship remain heavily restricted, and the lack of church is literally killing people. But help is on the way. Read on. - Mat

Hospitals and medical professionals across the country are sounding an alarm: The shutdowns are killing people, including our kids.

Fort Worth, TX: By August 2020, Cook Children's Health Care System had seen nearly double the number of suicides as the previous year.

Clark County, IL: By December 2020, the Clark County School District lost double the number of children to suicide as the previous year.

Grand Rapids, MI: Pine Crest Christian Mental Health Services anticipates that Michigan's suicide rate will likely be 32% higher than normal.

And then there is Maine. Suicide was already the second-leading cause of death among 10-24-year-old Mainers before Gov. Janet Mills locked down her state and forced churches closed. Now, early reports indicate those suicide rates have grown even higher—especially among kids.

Sixteen-year-old Spencer Smith left a note for his parents on the cold and blustery morning of Dec. 4, 2020. Gov. Mills' shutdowns had left the young man struggling. Remote learning wasn't working, and his grades were dropping. He felt "locked in the house" and "isolated," his letter read.

Spencer Smith, football star and smiling son, whom his father said, "everyone loved," took his own life that day.

The isolation is killing our kids, says Spencer's father. Medical professionals on the front line of this new suicide crisis agree.

"What we've learned is that kids are getting to the point where they're becoming more hopeless," said Kia Carter, M.D., medical director of psychiatry at Cook Children's Medical Center, stating that one child's suicide note stated he had "nothing to look forward to" in life.


Pastor Mark Rockwood, chaplain at the Brunswick Police Department, was among the first to respond to the 911 call at the Smith home.

Pastor Rockwood says many of the teens in his church youth group have friends who have expressed suicidal thoughts.

"It's already a stressful time for many of them," Rockwood said. "And now, when they don't have the ability to have that social interaction with one another, that puts more added stress on them."

Studies have shown that regular church attendance is a primary factor in positive mental health. The COVID crisis is no different.

Despite the lockdowns, regular churchgoers were the ONLY segment of the population to report increased positive mental health—proving what we have said all along: CHURCHES ARE ESSENTIAL—THEY SAVE LIVES!

But Gov. Janet Mills STILL will not free Maine churches.

Gov. Mills shut down her state in March 2020. Residents were ordered to stay at home, and only "essential businesses," which included liquor stores and abortion mills, were allowed to remain open. Churches were ordered to close.

The restrictions on churches in Maine remain so great that the congregation of Calvary Chapel of Bangor still cannot meet without violating Mills' unconstitutional orders. Neither can the church's acclaimed Calvary Residential Discipleship (CRD) program that helps young adults—the very people most at risk of overdose and suicide.

If Calvary Chapel's CRD program did not include the Word of God and prayer, they could have any number of people in attendance, filling the church to the rafters with no problem. But because CRD is Bible-based, the restrictions mean they must limit their numbers—or face massive fines and jail.

Liberty Counsel continues to defend many churches from illegal restrictions. We want to permanently quarantine these governors from returning to their religious-liberty-stealing schemes.


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Vaccine Passport Update!

Montana just passed a bill banning the use of vaccine passports. There are 23 more bills, across 16 states, seeking to prevent Orwellian digital health or vaccine passports and the accompanying tracking and tracing from becoming mandatory. We are making progress!


Be in prayer for America's youth...and get those kids in church!

Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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