Kicking Down the Gates of Hell Coast to Coast

May 20, 2021

Liberty Counsel just won the very first permanent statewide injunction that frees ALL of California churches, places of worship and even worship and Bible studies in homes. And California has to pay 1.35 million dollars for its unconstitutional persecution over the past year.

But Maine continues to persecute churches--every worship service of Calvary Chapel of Bangor is "illegal" under the governor's order. Read on to learn about the miracle in California, and the fight that must now be finished in Maine. -- Mat

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Pastor Ché Ahn’s great-grandmother became a Christian during the 1907 revival in Pyongyang, North Korea. During the Korean War in 1950-53, Ché’s family immigrated from North Korea to South Korea, and Ché then immigrated to America. In 1973, God rescued young Ché again, this time from the drug-laden culture of California. As only God can, He raised up this young prodigal son to launch a worldwide ministry of 65,000 churches in 70 nations and about 140 churches in California.

Silencing Ché and the ministry at Harvest Rock Church and Harvest International Ministry would have worldwide repercussions.

More than 65,000 churches were a tempting target, and Satan took aim to shut down this powerful move of God.

CA Gov. Gavin Newsom shut down ALL worship in March 2020, even banning Bible studies in private homes with anyone who does not live at that home.

Pastors and parishioners faced daily criminal charges of up to one year in prison and fines every time they worshipped. The City of San Francisco threatened to seize and destroy church buildings. The City of Los Angeles threatened to cut off power and water. One church was fined 50,000 dollars for each service, with more than 3 million in total fines.

But what Satan targeted for destruction, God rewarded with revival!

This week, Liberty Counsel forced Gov. Newsom into a historic agreement that will FOREVER free California churches and worship!

Earlier this week, a California District Court entered an order approving Liberty Counsel’s settlement of the lawsuit on behalf of Harvest Rock Church and Harvest International Ministry against Gov. Newsom. The words of Moses from the Lord echo through history: “Let my people go!” And, like the Exodus cost Pharoah, this persecution cost Newsom 1.35 million dollars.

This is the first statewide permanent injunction in the country against COVID restrictions on churches. All California churches may now hold worship without discriminatory restrictions—forever!


… but the faithful churchgoers of Maine remain restricted.

Despite our resounding win in California, Maine Gov. Janet Mills CONTINUES to persecute Calvary Chapel of Bangor, its Christian Residential Discipleship (CRD) program. Maine now has the most restrictions in the nation.

In Maine, churches may offer food, shelter and counseling—including addiction recovery counseling—to any number of people. But if the group worships or studies the Bible, the arbitrary capacity restrictions apply.

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This is a problem for faith-based addiction recovery centers like Calvary Chapel's CRD program, which houses 48 recovering addicts. When the pastoral team comes together with the residents, the number exceeds the worship limits. And this does not count the others who attend the church.

Every worship service since March 2020 has been “illegal” under Mills’ orders. People should not have to choose jail or worship.

But if these same folks were to meet for NON-religious addiction care, there would be no numerical cap! That is OBVIOUS and BLATENT discrimination against Christians and must be struck down once and for all!

CRD graduate Emily recently remarked on the importance of Bible study and Christian fellowship in addiction treatment, saying, "I learned again about the love of God toward us all, and I learned about surrender."

Emily testified that God restores all that has been eaten by Satan's schemes. We've witnessed restoration and revival in each of the churches we have defended this past year. I believe we will see even greater restoration and revival as we kick down the very last gates of hell. The church shall prevail.

Since 1989, Liberty Counsel has stood in the gap between tyrants and the law, defending life and liberty. WE WILL NOT STOP NOW.

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"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it" (John 1:5).

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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