This Violates the Nuremberg Code

Aug 4, 2021

The Nuremberg Code was created in 1947 to make sure the world never repeated the dark history of the Nazi experiments on human subjects. Its 10 principles have been recognized worldwide. Forcing the COVID shots violates every one of these timeless standards.

Help us protect everyone's right to decide whether to inject their bodies. We are inundated with pleas for help on this issue. Please, support Liberty Counsel today. — Mat

The FDA and the COVID vaccine Fact Sheets clearly state that each person has the "option to accept or refuse" the shots. The FDA and the NIH websites also have the Nuremberg Code, a set of international principles to prevent forced experimental medical testing on people without their consent, posted for reading.

Federal law and the Nuremberg Code are clear—these shots cannot be forced on anyone!

NONE of the COVID-19 shots have full FDA approval. The FDA website makes clear these drugs have ONLY "Emergency Use Authorization" (EUA)—meaning they are, by definition, "experimental" and "investigational."

But the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) has twisted the "option to accept or refuse" to mean you don't have the "option to refuse." This is absurd and a violation of the law.

Our legal intake department is being flooded with pleas for help from people desperate to escape the mandated COVID jabs.

"I am writing on behalf of multiple members of my active duty space force unit," writes one individual. He and his unit are concerned they "will all be forced to get the shot against our will, or will be punished or even kicked out of the military if we don't comply."

Another writes: "I am in the military and at risk of losing a full retirement over this experimental, unnecessary treatment that appears to be driven by profit motive over health concerns. Lord, please grant us freedom from this medical tyranny that threatens our bodies that You have created to be Your temple."

And another: "THANK YOU for fighting for this! I am a healthcare worker who is faced with being fired soon if I don't allow this poison shot to enter into my body."

The cries for help from terrified people being forced to take these shots continually ring in my ears. I am moved with compassion to help.

Help us help people!

Forcing these shots violates federal law and the Nuremberg Code.

The Nuremberg Code begins with this fundamental principle: "The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential."

Informed and voluntary consent is the cornerstone of medical treatment, especially treatment that is experimental.

Principle 5 states: "No experiment should be conducted where there is … reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur."

Principle 10 states that the experiment should be terminated if it "is likely to result in injury, disability or death."

As of July 23, 518,769 injuries and 11,940 deaths have been reported by the CDC VAERS log following these COVID shots.

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Why are we repeating this dark history in America by forcing people to inject an experimental drug into their bodies?

The history of the Nazi regime forcing people to undergo medical experiments cannot be forgotten and must not be repeated.

The calls to help pastors and churches were nothing like the pleas for help we are now receiving from the millions of people who are being threatened to take these shots. Help us DEFEND FREEDOM TODAY!

There's one more thing you can do to help ... Stop the COVID tyranny by faxing governors and Congress. NO MANDATORY COVID SHOTS OR VACCINE PASSPORTS! Select here or the button below.

Finally, spread the word for the national WalkOutWednesday on August 11—a national protest against medical tyranny.

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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