Doctor Is Horrified By What He Sees

Aug 6, 2021

A major medical association just issued a statement supporting medical freedom, but the medical tyrants are doubling down in their quest to force everyone to take the COVID shots.

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Dr. G (name changed for privacy) is horrified by what he is seeing in his patients and their extended family members who have taken the jab.

One of them, he writes, was “completely healthy,” but suffered a heart attack after taking the second jab. Another developed a heart disorder with the first dose of Moderna and decided not to take the second dose. One of his patients developed epileptic seizures after taking the second shot, despite never having any previous neurological problems.

Dr. G is now seeing many other adverse shot reactions, including paralysis disorders like Bell’s palsy ... and blood clotting disorders like purple thrombocytopenia in a previously healthy 23-year-old ... and a friend who called panicking because she keeps spitting up blood clots from her stomach and gums since taking the first dose.

We are flooded with many requests for help. We are determined to help each person be free to make their own decisions about the COVID shots.

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Nancy was a healthy 49-year-old ... before the shot.

Nancy (name changed for privacy) was a healthy mom who enjoyed swimming laps with her son. She headed to the pool after taking the second jab but found she could not walk. By night, she was struggling to breathe. She collapsed in the bedroom and was rushed to the hospital where her lungs were filling with fluid and her heart became dangerously inflamed.

Tests showed her heart was working at only 33% of what it should have been. Nancy went into heart failure.

Recovery has been slow and frustrating, and she is afraid of dying. She often feels panicky and must remind herself to stay calm. “It's so hard at times,” Nancy writes. “The fear can be overwhelming.”

Nancy must now always be keenly aware of her heart rate, avoiding overstimulation and exertion. She can help around the house with some cooking and cleaning, but life is nowhere near the same.

It has been three months, and doctors still cannot tell Nancy how to fix what the COVID shot broke in her body.


The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) just issued a statement defending the RIGHT of medical professionals to refuse the shot.

The AAPS released a statement declaring that all people, including medical workers, have the FREEDOM to choose what does or does not go into their own bodies.

The statement was issued in response to the American Medical Association (AMA) and other organizations parroting Joe Biden and Big Pharma’s demands for forced shots.

AAPS “declares that all human beings have the right to liberty, which they do not forfeit when they serve the sick or the disabled. The ethical commitment to protect others does not require workers to surrender their bodily integrity and self-determination.”

The statement goes on to definitively say that FDA approval is “premature” as safety and efficacy studies are not complete. Further, the existing data on those shots “does not convey safety or effectiveness.” The statement also notes that the FDA has been forced to withdraw drug authorizations in the past due to injuries and deaths that arose after approval.

Yesterday, our lawsuit against a large university was averted at the last minute when the school granted exemptions for our student clients.

Pleas for help are pouring into our office. Our staff are constantly speaking with frantic people who are being forced against their will. WE WILL NOT FORSAKE THESE PEOPLE. WE ARE COMMITTED TO HELP EVERY PERSON IN NEED.

The calls to help pastors and churches we received throughout the 2020 shutdowns were nothing like the number of pleas for help we are now receiving from desperate people who are among the millions of individuals being forced to take these shots. Help us DEFEND FREEDOM TODAY!

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