Biden's Mandates Biting the Dust

Dec 2, 2021

Courts around the country are striking down Joe Biden’s insane and unlawful shot mandates. We believe our case of Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden will be the litigation to fully end Biden’s injection tyranny. Read on for good news. —Mat

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One by one, Joe Biden’s unlawful COVID shot mandates are being knocked down by the courts. Rulings on four separate cases, covering three of Biden’s COVID shot mandates, have come down on the side of freedom!

1. Mandate for companies with 100 employees or more: BLOCKED by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

On November 12, a three-judge panel on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals blocked Biden’s OSHA rule nationwide, which tried to force compulsory jabs on all companies with 100 employees or more.

2. Mandate for certified Medicare and Medicaid providers: BLOCKED by TWO federal judges!

On November 29, the federal Court for the Eastern District of Missouri granted a preliminary injunction that applies to certified providers of Medicare and Medicaid and suppliers in Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming—all of which had sued to end Biden’s mandate.

On November 30, the federal Court for the Western District of Louisiana issued a nationwide injunction blocking Biden from forcing his shots on any health care provider or employer that receives Medicare or Medicaid funding.

3. Mandate on federal contractors: BLOCKED by a federal judge.

On November 30, the federal Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky issued a preliminary injunction blocking Biden’s Executive Order 14042, which attempted to force federal contractors to inject their employees with COVID jabs. This order frees federal contractors in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee from the mandates. Other federal courts are poised to rule on similar cases covering Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma and Texas, and we expect similar rulings to follow, including a nationwide injunction.

BUT THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER—because Biden won’t quit!

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Unfortunately, the Biden administration is sticking to its proverbial “shot guns”! They refuse to give up their delusion that Biden can order injections into the arms of anyone he chooses, with no exceptions.

Not only is Biden expected to continue appealing and fighting the above rulings, but the Biden administration is also trying to deceitfully compel military service members into abandoning their religious rights.

This is especially shocking because the Department of Defense (DOD) is already under a microscope in our case, Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden. Beginning January 7, 2022, the DOD must report to the court every two weeks on how it is handling service members’ religious exemption requests. If the exemptions continue to be denied, the court will intervene.

The DOD claimed in court that no adverse action would be taken against our clients. Not only are our clients already experiencing extremely adverse treatment, but we have also received an internal memo from the JAG instructing military commanders on how to get their personnel to abandon their religious exemption claims.

This bullying and coercion will not be viewed favorably by the court … but Joe Biden just doesn’t seem to care. He’s trying to get away with everything he can, while he can.

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After more than 20 months fighting the pandemic tyranny that sought to close churches, arrest pastors and revoke the right to decide what is injected into your body, our resources have been strained as never before.

Stop the Mandates & Fund the Fight for Freedom!

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COVID jabs can be dangerous for immunocompromised people like Lenny, but his objection to the jab goes further than his own safety—he simply will not take a drug developed or tested with aborted fetal cells.

But Lenny was taken off the liver transplant list because he refused to take the shot that had a good chance of killing him. Liberty Counsel intervened, and we are happy to report Lenny is back on the liver transplant list! Please be in prayer for his new liver to come soon!

We now have three cases before the U.S. Supreme Court defending religious freedom, including the one I argue on January 18, 2022.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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