BUSTED: Biden's Report Looks Bad

Jan 11, 2022

A perfectly healthy squadron commander dropped dead 10 days after taking the mandated shot—just like the other victims in the COVID shot study published by the U.S. military seven months ago. And you will be shocked to learn what we forced Biden’s Department of Defense (DOD) to admit in court last Friday. Read on. —Mat

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Joe Biden’s shot mandates have claimed the life of yet another armed forces member. Josiah* was a perfectly healthy 48-year-old at the top of his form and his career. Despite resistance within his own ranks, Josiah followed orders and got Biden’s COVID jab.

Ten days later, Josiah* dropped dead of a heart attack—a deadly “side effect” of the shots so common that the U.S. military ADMITTED it was a problem seven months ago. Nevertheless, Joe Biden continues with his unlawful shot mandates!


On June 29, 2021, the Defense Health Agency published a report in the highly respected Journal of American Medical Association, titled “Myocarditis Following Immunization With mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines in Members of the US Military.”

It revealed that the shots tend to cause myocarditis, a severe and life-threatening inflammation of the heart within just four days of receiving their first dose of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or the Moderna jabs. Within 10 days of taking the shot, otherwise healthy male service members were having heart attacks.

Biden’s CDC COVID-19 Task Force member, Dr. Matthew Oster, was forced to admit that “It does appear that mRNA vaccines may be a new trigger for Myocarditis.”

Members of Josiah’s squadron—many of whom had already submitted their religious exemption requests—are now digging in their heels, doubling down on resisting the jab that took their commander’s life.

But despite the military’s own scientific data – and now the actual evidence of lives lost – plus the laws that clearly require the government to honor religious exemptions, Joe Biden STILL won’t give up on his demand to put a jab into the arm of every military, federal employee and civilian contractor.

Biden’s COVID mandate is unlawful. Biden cannot rob Americans of their religious freedom—even during a “pandemic.”

Defend Religious Freedom!

Liberty Counsel’s massive class action lawsuit, Navy SEAL 1 v. Biden, is fighting to restore religious freedom for all members of the military, federal employees and civilian contractors. Just weeks ago, the DOD told our judge that no action would be taken against military members while our case progressed. Because of the DOD’s promise, the judge in our case declined to issue a temporary injunction at that time. But it turns out, the DOD LIED.

Despite the promise to our judge, the Navy announced last week that it has already removed the first group of sailors from the service for not getting the COVID-19 shots. On December 15, Navy commanders were ordered to begin the separation process.

And on Friday, January 7, Biden’s DOD was forced to admit to the judge in our case that the military continues to DENY the 21,342 religious exemptions requested by service members.

The filings by the military branches prove that the Biden administration continues to ignore the law by denying religious exemptions from the COVID shots. Service members continue to be threatened with discharge, loss of pay and benefits, and repayment of educational and training costs. The Biden administration is even trying to force shot-refusing personnel to pay their own way home from overseas deployment!

Defend our Defenders!

This week, we are filing another request for an injunction to STOP Biden’s DOD from enforcing the unlawful mandate. We look forward to returning to court to stop the Biden administration’s continued unlawful treatment of our military heroes once and for all.

And we aim to free EVERY American from Joe’s unlawful jabs!

Liberty Counsel is not only fighting for the bodily autonomy and religious freedom of every member of our armed forces, we are fighting for their very lives … and YOURS!

Please also pray for those suffering under Joe Biden’s unlawful mandates forcing people to choose between God or government.

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God bless you and your family,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

*Name changed to protect privacy.


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