Biden's Threat to Bankrupt Soldiers

Jan 24, 2022

Joe Biden has a new threat in his attempts to force religious military members to choose government over God, one that will bankrupt many of those who have fought and bled for our freedom. Read on to learn Joe’s latest scheme, and what Liberty Counsel is doing to stop him. —Mat

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Douglas* has served in the United States Marine Corps all his adult life. For more than 13 years, he has worked and trained to become one of the best fighter pilots in our armed forces, earning the rank of Major in the process.

The Corps taught Douglas to fly in the Naval Air Training Command, eventually putting him in the cockpit of an F-18 fighter jet, and then the F-35—America’s premier, fifth-generation fighter designed to dominate the battlespace against all adversaries.

Douglas is one of the best fighter pilots in the U.S. military, logging over 1,000 flight hours and many challenging missions during his honorable career. Though “unvaccinated,” Douglas flew uninterrupted the first 18 months of the pandemic without becoming ill or infecting anyone.

Douglas credits his strong immune system and good health to following God’s instructions on health and life in general. Douglas will not take a vaccine made with or tested using the cells of aborted babies.

Yet, Joe Biden wants to kick Douglas out of the Marine Corps he loves, simply because he refuses to subordinate his deeply held Christian beliefs to Biden’s dangerous and unlawful shot mandates.

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In a sworn declaration for our class action lawsuit against the Biden administration, Douglas delivers a testimony we have often heard in such affidavits ...

“Like my father who served in the Marine Corps for 32 years,” Douglas wrote. “I intend to serve in the Marine Corps until eligible to receive a pension and medical benefits for me and my family." His request for religious accommodation and exemption was denied January 6, 2022.

Douglas says, “instead of a pension and medical benefits, I am now facing involuntary separation, uncertain employment, and the possibility of a significant financial burden of recouping costs of training.”

Biden’s DOD (Department of Defense) has come up with yet another abusive way to force the religious faithful into compliance—take the jab or repay all training costs!

A 2019 report by the RAND Corporation estimates that it costs approximately 10 million dollars to train a pilot on the F-18, and another 10.17 million dollars to train a pilot on the F-35. If Biden gets his way, Douglas and his wife could be on the hook for more than 20 million dollars!

Douglas says his chain of command informed him that his “administrative separation” will be “processed as fast as the Marine Corps can do it.”

“Absent intervention from this Court,” Douglas wrote in his declaration, “I will soon be separated, suffering irreparable harm to my career and my family will suffer financial disruption.”


Biden’s unlawful actions pose a grave national security risk.

“The Nation will suffer the loss of multiple experienced and dedicated senior aviators,” Douglas wrote. “This comes at a time of significant geopolitical maneuvering by external near-peer threats (i.e., Russia and China). The loss of pilots with similar and even greater qualifications and experience than me will degrade our overall readiness, capability, and our defense will be needlessly jeopardized.”

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Please also pray for the service men and women suffering under Biden’s unlawful attempts to force them to choose between God or government.

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God bless you and your family,

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

*Name changed to protect privacy.


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