Can't Buy or Sell Without This

Mar 4, 2022

Some American cities are requiring proof of vaccination to dine, go to the gym or attend public events. In Quebec, stores of more than 16,146 sq. ft. must have an employee accompany the unvaccinated to ensure the shopper does not purchase anything except pharmaceuticals! For the moment, groceries and gas are exempt. America is laying the groundwork to launch something very similar. —Mat

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Over half the states and the District of Columbia have some form of a “Vaccine Passport.” Several U.S. cities are already enforcing their Vaccine Passports that limit dining, gyms and public gatherings to the “vaccinated.”

Forbes magazine claims, “Having digital access to personal health records empowers the individual.” But the truth is the exact opposite.

This puts technology in place so that with the flip of a switch, government can control and limit anyone who doesn’t bow to their latest demands! Those pushing this agenda are hoping you won’t notice.

My main concern is not if, but when, we will deal with another COVID variant or some other contagious disease.

A Forbes writer said that “having a vaccine verification system in place prepares the U.S. for the next coronavirus variant as well as the inevitability of a future pandemic” (emphasis added).


Five states that originally opposed Vaccine Passports now “are developing or have already rolled out the technology. But they’re largely doing it quietly and for slightly different reasons,” according to Politico.

This is happening in Arizona, Mississippi, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Utah. In addition, Louisiana already launched a phone app, LA Wallet, which includes COVID shot verification. Alaska is considering vaccine credentials.

This is in addition to a much longer list of states that have already launched this technology, including: HI, WA, OR, CA, NV, CO, NM, MN, IL, KY, NY, MA, RI, NJ, CT, DE, MD, WV and VA, as well as D.C.

“We're starting to see some jurisdictions that had a very strict stance ... look at this again with fresh eyes and say, ‘Okay, this really isn't a passport. This is really just an evolution of a record moving into the digital age,’” said Rebecca Coyle of the American Immunization Registry Association.

“[S]o if we want to enable all of our citizens from every state to be able to participate in the safe travel across international boundaries and to participate in international commerce, it'd be important for our government officials from every state to enable this” (emphasis added).

STOP VACCINE PASSPORTS. Fax state and federal leaders now!

We are fighting to defend freedom. We just filed an amicus brief at the Supreme Court in support of Coach Kennedy’s right to pray.

We filed another emergency injunction in our class action lawsuit Navy SEAL 1 v. Austin. We have another hearing set for March 10.

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. You can also sign a petition against mandatory shots and Vaccine Passports by selecting here.


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