I Cannot Deny What I'm Seeing Here

Apr 4, 2022

Unvaccinated military members are deployable all over the world with no ill effects, even as Joe Biden’s Department of Defense (DOD) claims these brave men and women are “non-deployable” for exercising their deeply held religious beliefs. There is now only one conclusion that can be reasonably drawn about the Biden administration’s jab mandates. Read on. —Mat

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When Darius* received the letter from the Air Force command, he was shocked. The military was claiming that because Darius and his active-duty military wife, June*, were unvaccinated, they were “non-deployable” and could not be in the presence of other armed forces members.

The Air Force claimed there was no way to “accommodate” the couple’s religious belief regarding the shots. They would be kicked out of the Air Force they had dedicated their lives and careers to serving.

In his letter appealing the Air Force’s denial of his religious rights, Darius wrote that the Air Force’s claims regarding an inability to continue working and deploying are “blatantly false” based on the last 24 months of Darius’ assignment and work record.

For the past two years, Darius has been on the job every day, working alongside the other men and women under his command. The Air Force awarded Darius THREE awards for excellent service during the pandemic.

Darius and the group he commands not only met and exceeded all their mission goals but did so without any spread of COVID. In other words, the safety measures the Air Force employed throughout the last 24 months have demonstrably worked in “stopping the spread” of COVID. Yet now Biden’s Air Force brass says the “unvaccinated” must be separated.

STOP Biden’s purge of Christians from the military!

June is an active-duty member of the Air Force who has been deployed all over the world. During the height of COVID, June was deployed to Qatar, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria and Germany—all as an “unvaccinated” service member—and without any incidence of COVID.

So, if the DOD’s own actions prove that unvaccinated service members are not, in fact, a threat to mission readiness, what is the Biden administration’s issue? There can be only one logical conclusion.

It is now clear that Joe Biden is willfully and purposefully purging Christians from the military.

During Lloyd Austin’s confirmation hearing as Biden’s secretary of defense, Austin said he planned to “purge” the military. He said America can’t be safe from enemies “if some of those enemies lie within our own ranks.”

At the time, an article from the liberal Vanity Fair publication stated, “The first task for Austin, like Biden, has been cleaning up the mess left by Donald Trump and his cronies—including by clearing out the hundreds of Trump loyalists his predecessors, former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller, installed in the final days of the previous administration.”

Don’t let Biden discriminate against Christians!

In March 2021, Austin released a memo and directives redefining what the military considers “extremism” and calling for immediate training and implementation on these new policies throughout all military branches to eradicate any trace of extremism.

Guess who they consider to be extremists?

Several slides reference Christians with “religious extremism.” One slide paints Christians as white supremacists, saying “Christian extremism is often conflated with white supremacy for a joint ideology focused on racial and religious purity which they believe to be God's intention.”

Reports also reveal that service members who identify as evangelicals or Catholics are watched as being “possibly extreme.”

Austin’s memo and the DOD’s current actions expose Biden’s intent to purge the military of its religious faithful—especially Christians.

Liberty Counsel was formed to meet such challenges as this. We will not allow this administration or any other to rob Americans of the precious right to religious freedom. Help us fight the anti-Christian discrimination and tyranny TODAY and have YOUR IMPACT DOUBLED by a Challenge Grant.

Help us STOP JOE BIDEN’s RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION against Faithful Military Members!

Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel


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