COVID Marshals Are Just the Beginning

Apr 8, 2022

The WHO and the Biden administration are moving forward with Vaccine Passport plans. Australia now requires a “COVID marshal” for businesses or other operations to ensure compliance. Vaccine Passports will be the end of freedom if we do not stop them! Here is what you need to know! —Mat

Send faxes now to state and federal leaders to say NO VACCINE PASSPORTS to control free Americans.

After the COVID pandemic began, the CDC published a plan to create “isolation centers.” We have a copy of the original document.

Then, Australia began forcefully placing people in their own prison-like isolation camps ... even if detainees had not tested positive for COVID. Escorted by a “COVID cab” to makeshift cells, these people were ordered to obey all the rules, including accepting total isolation.

A video from one of the camps shows inmates howling to signal the approach of a guard.

Now, Australia requires each business or nongovernment operation to have a “COVID marshal” to monitor compliance with every restriction. At the core of all this insanity is CONTROL BY THE STATE.

And now, the World Health Organization and the Biden administration are taking steps to implement Vaccine Passports around the world!

On March 31, the WHO released an instructional guide for “digital COVID certificates,” advising all nations to join a digital vaccine passport that collects and stores personal medical information to be made available domestically and internationally for proof of the COVID shots and even the date, time and place of your last COVID test.

The WHO recommends these COVID passports for work, education and international travel, among other uses.

In Australia, one cannot attend public gatherings, dine indoors, go to recreational centers or visit most any other place without a “COVID check in,” which authorizes the government to track your movements and contacts. COVID marshals enforce compliance.

“COVID marshals are people who are assigned to apply COVID directions and restrictions in identified businesses and operations.” Even churches are forced to have COVID marshals!

Australia, Africa and India have joined WHO’s digital COVID program.

On March 2, 2021, the Biden administration released a PowerPoint detailing how digital “COVID-19 Vaccine Credentials” could be implemented.

And 25 states, along with the District of Columbia, and several red or red-leaning states—Arizona, Mississippi, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Utah— already have or are considering digital Vaccine Passports!

We cannot allow this administration or any other to track and trace freedom-loving Americans.

Make your voice heard before it is too late by sending urgent faxes to state and national leaders to stop VACCINE PASSPORTS.

Liberty Counsel continues to fight for religious freedom in many precedent-setting cases. We have filed for class action status in our massive case defending the military from Biden’s unlawful shot orders where we have another hearing on April 11.

I thank you for your prayers and your financial support. Please consider a recurring monthly donation and have YOUR IMPACT DOUBLED through the Challenge Grant.

Mat Staver, Founder & Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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