EXPLOSIVE Evidence—They Lied

Apr 27, 2022

As a flight surgeon, Lt. Col. Theresa Long is charged with ensuring our nation’s military pilots are safe to fly. But based on expert analysis, she says the COVID shots are setting up a catastrophe.

Now, an American Airlines pilot has suffered a shot-induced heart attack in the cockpit of a plane with 200 passengers aboard, proving Dr. Long’s concerns are justified. I will share shocking news about all this. —Mat

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Dr. Theresa Long was ordered by a superior officer to not testify in our military case, Navy SEAL 1. v. Austin. It is a crime to intimidate or threaten a witness to influence, alter or withhold their testimony.

But, no matter how hard Biden tries, the TRUTH is getting out!

Lt. Col. Long did testify, exposing the outrageous actions this administration is taking to hide the deadly truth about the shots. And now her warnings are echoing throughout the world.

Long joined ROTC at 16 and enlisted in the Army at 17. She is a flight surgeon, holds a master’s in public health and is an expert on the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Defense Military Epidemiology Database (DMED) that tracks medical treatments of service members.

Dr. Long conducted a study of the DMED comparing 2021 to the prior five years before the COVID shots. What she found is disturbing.

Defend Our Defenders!

Lt. Col. Long found that pulmonary embolisms increased in 2021 three to four times higher after the shots began than during 1990-2020. The same trend applied to strokes, heart attacks and numerous other debilitating and life-threatening conditions.

Even “the fittest soldiers” are being seriously injured by the shots. For instance, a collegiate level athlete who was in Ranger training is now debilitated with cardiac problems, a sudden-onset pituitary brain tumor and thyroid dysfunction—all because of the COVID jab.

PFIZER and the FDA LIED to the world!

Dr. Long said the Pfizer Biodistribution Study, which has now been released by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) under court order, shows that the mRNA in COVID shots circulates throughout the body, collecting in the brain, lungs, liver, heart, spleen, bone marrow, kidneys, ovaries, thyroid and pituitary gland.

“Previously, I would have said it was crazy if someone told me that a vaccine caused a brain tumor, cancer or something,” Long says. “But when you look at the spike protein being the pathogenic portion of the coronavirus SHOT, concentrating in the vital organs and producing messenger RNA, then you can understand how this is occurring.”

The COVID shots skipped the 7-10 years of safety testing that caused previous versions of mRNA drugs to fail.

Help us STOP the Mandates!

As I mentioned earlier, with 200 people on board, a captain of an American Airlines flight “coded” six minutes after landing in Dallas and had to be shocked multiple times to restart his heart. He is currently in the hospital and will never fly again.

Motorcycle accidents kill more soldiers annually than COVID. And the shots killed more service members in 2021 than died from COVID since 2020!

And, when large numbers of fully “vaccinated” service members get COVID anyway, Dr. Long asked, “Why would we kick soldiers out over a product that doesn’t even work?” Why indeed?

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Mat Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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