This Is the Point of the Spear

Sep 20, 2023

Medical professionals are being censored and punished for speaking out about the insanity associated with the transgender social contagion decimating our children.

Liberty Counsel has fought hard to overturn 23 bans on counseling that tells the TRUTH about gender dysphoria and God’s design for human sexuality. But 87 bans remain in place across the country … and thank God, the U.S. Supreme Court will review one “change counseling” case in the High Court’s super conference next week.

We need your immediate help to free the captives and unmuzzle those brave enough to tell the truth about the LGBTQ’s deviant plan to chemically castrate and permanently sterilize our children.

Donate to our legal fund today and a generous Challenge Grant will DOUBLE THE IMPACT of your gift. Please give generously today. Then read on to hear from medical professionals who have been punished and silenced for speaking the truth about science. — Mat

“When it comes to the gender issue, much of the distrust parents have towards therapists is warranted,” says Katherine*, a mental health counselor with years of professional experience.

“I've now been in multiple in-person and virtual gender-focused continuing education events for therapists,” says Katherine, where she has “almost always” been the only voice of dissent.

“I've heard presenters encourage therapists to bring up gender in work with teens and their parents, even when it was not the presenting issue for therapy,” Katherine says. She’s even been witness to male therapists celebrating their patients’ sexuality in ways that she says is sheer “perversion in the therapy room.”

“If I hadn't attended these events myself,” says the beleaguered therapist, “I might not have believed this was happening.”

But because Katherine continues to assert “the reality of biological sex,” she has been labeled “hateful” and “transphobic.” She has been banned from multiple professional forums. Katherine’s professional license to practice therapy has been threatened multiple times by “pro-affirmation zealots” angry at the idea of exploring any other treatment modalities for depressed children other than hormones and surgeries.

Katherine isn’t the only professional caught in this insanity ...

Jodie* was studying midwifery in a well-known U.S. graduate program. One of her assignments required her to create educational materials for her future patients. “When I received my grade for the project, my instructor took credit off my final grade for the ‘gendered’ language I used,” Jodie says.

“I was penalized for using the words ‘women,’ ‘mother’ and ‘breast’ in materials to be handed out to pregnant women.” Rather than continue to participate in that unscientific insanity, Jodie chose to leave the program.

Kelly* had a similar problem in her medical terminology class at a major university where she was not allowed to use the word “woman” to refer to a person with a uterus.

“I was instructed, by a state-mandated medical textbook, that those with female anatomy should be referred to as ‘people with vaginas’ and, in some circumstances, ‘birthing people,’ Kelly says. The idea that someone with a uterus “isn’t a woman” is absurd. But to pass the class, one had to use the state-mandated textbook language.

Change counseling has been banned in cities and states across the nation. Therapists have had their practices shut down and their licenses threatened.

Christian counseling, which tells the undeniable scientific TRUTH about human anatomy and God’s perfect design for human sexuality, is banned in 87 combined states and localities across our nation.

Liberty Counsel has fought hard to overturn bans in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Next Tuesday, during the U.S. Supreme Court’s September 26 “super conference,” the High Court will review a change counsel case to determine if it will be included in its upcoming docket.

Liberty Counsel won all four of the Supreme Court cases we argued or briefed in 2022, and all three we briefed in 2023. But Supreme Court cases are incredibly expensive, and the High Court is now considering several of our cases for its next term.

We need YOUR IMMEDIATE HELP to overturn these bans. Thankfully, a generous Challenge Grant has been established to help fund our legal work. Every gift made to our legal fund today will be DOUBLED IN IMPACT. The fight before us is massive. With God’s grace and your help, we can win this fight. Please give today.

Even Congress is moving to silence professional change counseling.

If HR 15 passes, stories like those above will become the government-enforced “norm.” The “Equality Act” punishes anyone who dares stand on the side of biological science, or who proclaims God’s perfect design for sexuality and humanity.

HR 15 is very close to passing. With 212 House co-sponsors, this legislation only needs six Republicans to join the leftists to pass. Those six votes might not be hard to capture if you and I don’t act NOW.

The House Republican Conference Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) voted for the nearly identical Equality Act bill in 2019. So did Ranking Member of the House Committee on Homeland Security John Katko (R-NY) and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA).

Too many Republicans voted to put LGBTQ “rights” ahead of all other rights, eliminating religious freedom in favor of the LGBTQ agenda, in 2019. We must now bombard members of Congress to prevent them from violating the will of the people once again.

Unless we raise a righteous roar that cannot be ignored, the LGBTQ agenda might win this fight to silence Christians, scientists, counselors, and medical practitioners from telling the truth about gender-bending lies and God’s perfect human design. Even if you have faxed before, please fax Congress now, before even one Republican votes to enforce a lie.

Mat Staver

Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

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