Day of Reckoning for the ACLU's Attempts to Criminalize Prayer in Santa Rosa County

Mar 31, 2010

If you have been following the lawsuit in Florida involving the ACLU's attempts to criminalize prayer in the Santa Rosa County schools -- get ready for some shocking news!

The ACLU has been hiding a critical secret.

Its attorneys have been litigating to salvage an unconstitutional Consent Decree without any clients who have a legal interest in its actions! The two anonymous plaintiffs, on whose behalf the ACLU brought the infamous lawsuit that resulted in two contempt trials for prayer, have long since graduated from the school district they sued.

But the plaintiffs' permanent loss of legal standing to maintain the suit did not stop the ACLU and the school district from continuing to defend the Consent Decree that has become irreversibly "moot." Having failed in its attempts to fine and jail school officials for praying, the ACLU, aided by the school district, opposed our efforts to have the Consent Decree declared unconstitutional.

We raised the issue of "mootness" last year and then again in the motion earlier this year. The ACLU’s conspiracy is now unraveling!

The federal court that entered the Consent Decree, which has literally forced teachers and staff to hide in closets to pray, has finally demanded an explanation from the ACLU and the school district as to why it should continue to enforce that Consent Decree. The court noted that the ACLU and the school district "should have advised the court of factual matters affecting this court’s continuing jurisdiction," which they obviously have failed to do.

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