Federation of Organizations Opposes Senate Healthcare Bill that Funds Abortion

Dec 22, 2009


Washington, DC – The Freedom Federation announced that the federation of organizations representing over 30 million people opposes any healthcare bill that directly or indirectly funds abortion, including the current Senate bill. The Freedom Federation is comprised of some of the nation’s largest multiracial, multiethnic, and multigenerational faith-based and policy organizations.

Last Saturday, Senate President Harry Reid (D-NV) filed a 383-page so-called “Manager’s Amendment” to his 2,074-page pending bill (H.R. 3590). Amendment 3276 requires that the federal government violate the principles of the Hyde Amendment by funding abortion. The funding follows a complicated bookkeeping scheme similar to the Camps-Waxman accounting scheme which the House rejected when it adopted the Stupak-Pitts Amendment on November 7.

Mathew Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law, remarked: “Abortion is not healthcare. The Senate bill forces the American people to conspire with the federal government in murdering innocent children. This is morally unacceptable.”

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Hispanic National Association of Evangelicals, said: “We vehemently and unequivocally oppose any and all healthcare legislation that funds abortion directly or indirectly, explicitly or implicitly without exception. Abortion is not health care. We oppose any and all legislation, language or compromise that surrenders this core value on the altar of political expediency. Any and all statements, endorsements or commentaries outside the canopy of the aforementioned commitment hereby stand rectified. As an organization serving 25,434 congregations, we seek to facilitate a multi-ethnic firewall against the Spirit of Herod and the Culture of Death. Once again, we say to Senator Reid and the leadership in the Senate – Life cannot be compromised.”

Deacon Keith Fournier, Editor in Chief, Catholic Online, said: “Abortion is the taking of innocent human life. Killing is not - and will never be - health care. It is always and everywhere wrong to kill our innocent neighbors. To use federal funds to do so is an egregious violation of fundamental human rights and must never be considered healthcare.”

Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council, commented: “A federal government run health care system will create a nationwide abortion network funded by government dollars resulting in the greatest abortion expansion since Roe v. Wade. Senators Ben Nelson and Robert Casey gave mere lip service to protecting the most innocent among us by placing their stamp of approval on government funding for abortion coverage in direct conflict with longstanding policy. I ask them to reverse course.”

Lou Engle, Founder and President of The Call to Conscience, said: “The shedding of the blood of our most innocent citizens, the unborn, can never be a solution to the great social problems of our day. We reject and renounce Sen. Reid’s bill being pushed through the Senate, including Sen. Casey’s and Sen. Nelson’s compromised amendments.”

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