Defending Youth in a Wicked Culture

Dec 15, 2015

The past year has been an incredible journey for Liberty Counsel. A special free report contains an overview of some of the situations and cases that our legal team handles every day: 

  • We advocated for youth in New Jersey help when the government dictated what kind of counseling they could receive; and 
  • A student in Florida faced discipline for saying, “God bless America” over the school announcement system. Numerous other students, persecuted for their faith in public schools and colleges, also received our assistance. 
  • We resolved more than 40 cases involving public school districts discriminating against after-school Christian clubs in terms of use of the facilities, time of use, fees, and announcements or ads. As a result, many children will learn Biblical values in these schools.

We are simply acting as your ambassadors and God's hands and feet. We could not have helped anyone if it weren't for your generous donations and God's wisdom and strength.  

A donor has stepped forward with a matching gift challenge. Just when the resources are needed most, God shows up in miraculous ways!  

There has never been a better time for you to join us in protecting life, liberty, and the family! 

In addition to these stories, we have won significant litigation victories. You can read more about this incredible year in our full-color Special Report, which you can receive for free by calling 407-875-1776. 

We can win when we show up to fight. The only reason we are not able to confront every threat is the limitation of our resources, but with your support, we can show up, and we can win! 

Even if you have given before, do it today while we have a matching donor! Your tax-deductible gift will empower us to continue offering pro bono legal assistance to other people just like those we have helped this year! 

Here is how you can help today:

  • Make a secure online credit card donation on our website by midnight, December 31, in your time zone;
  • Send a check postmarked by December 31 to Liberty Counsel, PO Box 540774, Orlando, FL 32854;
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Thank you for partnering with us in defending life, liberty, and the family. 

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