Houston District Attorney’s Office Bias Toward Planned Parenthood

Jan 29, 2016

HOUSTON, TX – Additional evidence is surfacing that the Harris County District Attorney's Office tasked with investigating Planned Parenthood has financial and personal biases towards abortion providers in Texas. District Attorney Devon Anderson led a grand jury who failed to convict an abortionist after multiple eye witnesses testified that he frequently murdered babies after they were born alive. One person described how a baby grabbed the finger of abortionist Douglas Karpen before he killed the infant. Afterwards, the attorney for abortionist Karpen donated more than $25,000 to Anderson's reelection campaign. This history makes one question whether Anderson or her office withheld information from the grand jury regarding the actions of Dr. Karpen.

The District Attorney’s office also has to explain having an assistant district attorney, Lauren Reeder, on the payroll who is also listed in tax records as a "Director" of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. Reeder is listed on a 990 Tax Form for 2014. Reeder is also pictured on Planned Parenthood’s Facebook wearing a revealing tank top and hot pants at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser. While the District Attorney stated that Reeder was screened from the Planned Parenthood investigation, the history and actions of the office raise serious questions about bias. Instead of indicting Planned Parenthood, the grand jury indicted David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt.

Liberty Counsel is proud to defend Sandra "Susan" Merritt, who was indicted for allegedly "tampering with governmental record" (a driver's license) “with intent to defraud and harm" Planned Parenthood. The grand jury was ostensibly opened to investigate Planned Parenthood. However, recent reports suggest the grand jury was never asked to vote on whether to indict Planned Parenthood. This lack of a vote calls into question if there was any legitimate investigation of this organization. In a stunning twist, the only vote held was regarding our client who, acting as an investigative journalist, interviewed and recorded Planned Parenthood staff's calloused willingness to harvest and sell human organs.

Liberty Counsel is also defending Sandra Merritt against a Planned Parenthood lawsuit in San Francisco that claims her connection to undercover videos, exposing the organization’s gruesome trade in baby body parts, was a violation of the federal "Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations" or "RICO" statute, which was created to fight drug trafficking and the mafia.

"We are looking forward to investigating the situation in Houston, and we will seek justice for our client. The indictment against Sandra Merritt is outrageous," said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. "There is a history of bias in the DA’s office involving abortion doctors and Planned Parenthood. We will intend to shine the light on the process. We believe the prosecutor and the grand jury twisted the law. Sandra Merritt should never have been indicted. The focus and the inquiry should and will remain on the horrific abortion practices of Planned Parenthood."

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