Mat Staver to Appear on The O'Reilly Factor Tonight

Jan 11, 2005

Tonight at 8:00 pm ET, Mat Staver will debate an advocate from LAMBDA Legal Defense on the issue of Florida's ban on same-sex adoption. Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States refused to hear an appeal in the case of Lofton v. Kearney which challenged the constitutionality of Florida's ban on same-sex adoption. In light of that decision, the Eleventh Circuit ruling upholding the law will remain in effect and provide further support for states which have bans regarding adoption of children by homosexuals. Liberty Counsel filed an amicus brief in support of the Florida law in which we argued that children do best with a mom and a dad. Today there are more than 310 news stories on this case.

Prayer Request for Liberty Counsel Employee

Liberty Counsel asks for your prayers as a member of our staff, Nancy Rodriguez, will undergo brain surgery this week to correct an aneurism attached to her optic nerve. When members of Liberty Counsel visited Nancy this week and prayed with her, it was clear that the grace of God has been poured out on Nancy in abundance as she remains in good spirits and overflows with praise to God for the opportunity to grow closer to Him through this trial. As this is a very dangerous procedure, your prayers for Nancy and her family are most appreciated.