Parent Successfully Fights Transgender Education in Public School

Nov 23, 2015

Thanks to an alert parent who called Liberty Counsel, primary students at a Wisconsin elementary school will not be indoctrinated by the writings of a transgender activist today. The school cancelled the program after receiving a letter from Liberty Counsel but plans to revisit the matter.

On Friday a parent called Liberty Counsel after she received notice that the school planned to read I am Jazz by LGBT activist Jessica Herthel.

“Jazz” Jennings (seen in this video discussing the book) is a gender-confused male, who has been permitted to undergo harmful gender reassignment drug therapy and hormone blockers, resulting in permanent physical changes to his body.

I am Jazz is not only misleading, it is wholly inappropriate and disturbing. Transgender education substitutes the beliefs of the principal and school psychologist for those of parents. Bringing transgender activism into schools undermines the privacy rights of students, the free speech rights of teachers who cannot in good conscience address a child by the opposite sex pronoun, and the religious rights of families.

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