Virginia Employee Fired for Supporting Marriage Amendment

Oct 20, 2006

An employee of an agricultural foods company in Timberville, VA has been fired over the display of a sign on his private vehicle. The sign said "please vote for marriage on November 7." The company tried to force Luis Padilla to remove the hand-painted sign from his rear window after other employees claimed to be offended. Padilla's statement reflected his religious conviction that marriage should remain a union of one man and one woman. Expressing his viewpoint with others has now cost him his job, but will further his message, as it brings the marriage vote to the attention of more Virginians. For mor information -- read our Press Release on this issue.

Values Voters Must Get Out And Vote!

Will Election Day only 18 days away, pastors, churches and values voters should be gearing up for midterm elections. With the mainstream media attempting to downplay the need to vote, and suggesting that value voters might as well stay home -- this is the time when we should be doing the exact opposite. We must vote! We must show that we are concerned about key issues such at protecting marriage and opposing abortion, and electing the leaders who will be on the right side of the important issues. The future of this nation and our children is at stake.

Download your free copy of "Pastors and Churches in the Marriage Battle" and help your church get involved this weekend.