LGBT Activist Paul Singer’s Tangled Web with Christians to Reach Millennials

Jul 25, 2016

ORLANDO, FL – An article published in WorldNetDaily reveals that Billionaire Hedge Fund titan Paul Singer recently entered into a partnership with Hobby Lobby’s Museum of the Bible (MOTB) to reach Christian college students, but at the same time a Singer-funded organization labels Hobby Lobby as an "enemy of equality." Using this LGBT propaganda produced by Freedom for All Americans, editorial board member for the Washington Post, Jonathan Capehart, published an article in the Washington Post parroting the Singer-funded organization.

While one Singer-funded organization labels Hobby Lobby an "enemy of equality," another one of his funded-organizations has entered into a partnership with Hobby Lobby’s MOTB to reach Christian students on college campuses. Singer is working both sides to advance his ultimate goal–same-sex marriage and the LGBT agenda.

Paul Singer and Tim Gill, the founder of Quark and well-known homosexual activist, provided generous funds to launch Freedom for All Americans. This organization created LGBT University to train a new generation of activists. Singer also generously funds the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund and Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry. He created American Unity PAC to elect pro-LGBT candidates and American Unity Fund to lobby legislators. Singer funded the litigation against the California Prop 8 marriage amendment, and was responsible for a handful of New York Republican lawmakers changing their votes to side with same-sex marriage in 2011.

Until recently Singer’s efforts focused on courts, Republican candidates and lawmakers, and young conservatives. Now he is expanding his circle to Christian students on college campuses. Through another of his funded groups, The Philos Project, Singer has entered into a partnership with Hobby Lobby’s MOTB to create "Passages Israel." On the surface this partnership might seem harmless, but it comes with a warning tag. Singer publically associates his name with Hobby Lobby and Steve Green, the president of Hobby Lobby and Chairman of MOTB.

In 2015, Liberty Counsel turned down millions of dollars from Singer who wanted to partner with MOTB to fund Covenant Journey, a program launched by Liberty Counsel which provides a life-changing experience in Israel for Christian college students who have leadership potential. When Covenant Journey refused Singer’s money, he entered into a partnership with MOTB to create Passages Israel, which copied Covenant Journey. Cary Summer, president of MOTB, insisted on a partnership with Singer. His name helps promote MOTB among the Jewish community and connect with Jewish philanthropists. Singer was not interested in MOTB, but Covenant Journey caught his attention. Despite the obvious red flags, Summers saw this partnership as strategic for his goal regarding MOTB.

On a recent MOTB-Singer funded and managed Passages Israel trip, Dr. Mustafa Abu Sway spoke to the college students in Israel. Abu Sway’s alleged connection to jihad has been longstanding. Some Middle East experts call Abu Sway a "known Hamas activist" who wants Israel to "disappear."

Why such a person would be allowed to speak to Christian college students is baffling. But the Greens have also had to counter alleged anti-Israel sentiment in the past with the release of the film, “Little Town of Bethlehem.” Produced by EthoGraphics, which has been housed in the Hobby Lobby headquarters, this movie is biased anti-Israel propaganda. At best, the mixed messages are confusing.

While Singer supports Israel, he is also focused on advancing his LGBT agenda in America, and he is working to reach young millennials. With his newly-minted MOTB partnership, he now is playing both sides. He can label Hobby Lobby an "enemy of equality" while entering into a partnership to accomplish his objectives. Parents and colleges should beware.

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